Tangled Drinking Game

Tangled Drinking Game -

The Tangled Drinking Game has players drinking to the Disney retelling of the classic Rapunzel story. This movie follows Rapunzel and her magic hair as she slowly but surely figures out the reality of her situation and attempts to escape the tower where she’s spent most of her life. Some people say it’s not appropriate to drink and watch children’s movies but hey, we’re not here to judge you.

This movie makes for a pretty good drinking game since a lot of the gags and scenes in this movie come up multiple times.


The movie Tangled and drinks

Set Up

Simply pop in the movie Tangled (Or watch it streaming on netflix) and drink for each of the rules that will be mentioned


Players will drink to all the repeated scenes in the movie. As well as drinking 3 times every time Rapunzel’s hair glows.


Tangled Drinking Game Rules

Drink once every time

  • Anyone says the word “Lanterns”
  • A musical number starts
  • Anyone says the word “Mother”
  • Rapunzel contemplates going back to the tower
  • Flynn’s nose is misrepresented
  • The crown is visible
  • Anyone gets hit with a frying pan
  • Flynn is narrating
  • Rapunzel let’s down her hair
  • Rapunzel’s mom blatantly lies to her

Drink three times whenever Rapunzel’s hair glows


This drinking game follows a pretty steady pace. There’s no drink finishing rule in this one but how drunk do you really plan on getting while watching this movie? So grab a beer, or maybe two, and watch this classic tale reimagined in the way only Disney knows how.