The G.O.A.T. Super Bowl LIII Drinking Game

This years Superbowl features the Patriots (surprise surprise) and the Rams. So we came up with a great Super Bowl 53 drinking game to play at the big game! So whether you’re a Partriots fan or a Rams fan (meh) this drinking game is a great way to make sure the booze is flowing and everyone is having a great time.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this game you’ll need a case of beer. Also remember to pick which team you’re rooting for before the game starts because some of the rules will require you to take drinks when your team gets scored on.

Super Bowl LIII Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Whenever any of Tom Brady’s personal Super Bowl stats are brought up
  • The camera zooms in on a famous person in the crowd
  • A flag is thrown
  • There’s a celebrity cameo in a commercial
  • Budweiser is shown as a sponsor in any way
  • Something about Tom Brady retiring is brought up
  • It’s mentioned that the Rams have only won the super bowl once
  • Brady’s smoking hot wife is on camera
  • Sean McVay’s age or his history at Atlanta are being talked about
  • Michel’s astonishing rookie post season stats come up
  • A field goal is scored against your team
  • An age or experience gap stat is displayed on screen
  • Fireworks go off

Drink half your drink whenever

  • A touchdown is scored against your team
  • Your team runs out of flags
  • Either quarterback gets sacked

Down the rest of your drink if

  • Whoever is singing the anthem draws it out much longer than it needs to be
  • Something goes wrong at the half-time show
  • A 2 point conversion is scored against your team
  • The Pats are caught cheating in some way. (Even if this happens way after the super bowl you should down a drink wherever you are out of shame).

That about wraps it up for our Super Bowl LIII drinking game. Since it is a major sporting event you can also place bets on who you think will get the next touchdown and either give or take drinks equal to what you bet. Always remember to drink responsibly.