Super Mario Drinking Board Game Rules

The Super Mario Drinking Game Rulebook

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How to Play

Players start by choosing their character. Then choose a game piece and place it on the start square. It can be anything at all that fits on the game board. Choose a player to start the game. Turn order is clockwise. On their turn a player rolls the die then moves that many spaces and does what the space says. Make sure to follow the arrows. Players must stop on golden boss spaces, ending their roll. If a player has already beaten a golden space however, they can roll through it next time. If you enter star world don’t panic! No more rolling for movement just do what the space says until you’re back on the game board. If anyone rolls a 6 for their movement, instead of moving they must use their ability. First player to reach the middle wins the game.

If you are moved or teleported to a new space on your turn, you must do the action of the new space immediately. If you’re moved during someone else’s turn you don’t have to do the action. The only exception to this rule is when using a warp pipe you don’t immediately use it again on the other side.

Players cannot be moved off of Star World spaces by other players. They can however be moved off of regular golden boss spaces.


The Characters.

Mario – On a 6 Mario hops forward. Move up 1 space and roll again.

Luigi – On a 6 Luigi is codependent. Move 2 spaces towards the closest opponent. Roll again.

Peach – On a 6 Peach floats. Move either 1,2 or 3 spaces. Your choice. (She is the only character who doesn’t get to roll again after her ability).

Toad – Who on earth picks Toad? On a six drink and rethink your life. Roll again.



The Spaces

Start: Simple enough. Place your game piece here to start.

1-1 – Goomba: Really? You died to the very first enemy? Finish your drink.

1-2 – Warp Pipe: You found a Warp Pipe! Head to the other warp pipe at 2-2.

1-3 – Koopa Troopa: A regular green Koopa. Bounce off this poor defenceless turtle and roll again. Drink for being mean.

1-4 – Mushroom: You found a mushroom! Next turn move double your roll. (To clarify if you roll a 6 next turn you do not double it, do your action instead.)

1-5 – Wario: Is this guys whole identity based around hating Mario? Everyone playing as Mario takes a drink.

1-6 – Mystery Block: You found a mystery block! Roll to see what it contains.

  • 1-3: Coins. Give out a drink.
  • 4-5: Poison mushroom. Drink and miss a turn.
  • 6: Vine to Star World S1.

1-7 – DK Barrel: Some damn dirty ape threw a barrel at you. Roll a die. Evens you jump it and move up a space.  Odds you get hit, drink, move back a space and lose a turn.

1-8 – DK: DK is being frustrating and repetitive. Roll a die until you roll a 4, 5 or 6. Drink every time that you don’t.

2-1 – Bob-omb: Bob-omb! Place a Bob-omb anywhere on the game board ahead of you. First player to land there must finish their drink. Use any item available to mark the space.

2-2 – Warp Pipe: Head to the other Warp Pipe at 1-2.

2-3 – Cappy: Use Cappy to control another player. Choose a player and roll a die. Move them back that many spaces.

2-4 – Mario Golf: There’s never a bad time for golf! Everyone stand 5ft from the game board and try to toss your game pieces closest to the center of the board. Furthest drinks 3 times. (If you’re playing this game strictly off the computer and haven’t printed it out, just pick a spot on the floor to throw something close to instead)

2-5 – Blooper: You’ve been blinded by Blooper’s ink! Until your next turn you must keep your eyes closed. Drink for every time you open them.

2-6 – Paratroopa: Paratroopa is dive bombing you! Pour sip of a drink into your mouth from at least  a foot above your head.

2-7 – Pow!: You found a POW! block! Once during the game you can yell “Pow!” and the last player to take their feet off the ground drinks and loses a turn.

2-8 – Petey Piranha: Petey is… pretty lame honestly. Drink twice to defeat him.

3-1 – Backwards Warp Pipe: You found the backwards warp pipe from SMB: Lost Levels. Are you kidding me? Head back to the very beginning of the game.

3-2 – Star: You found a star! You are immune to taking any drinks until your next turn.

3-3 – Thwomp: Get Thwomped! Roll a die. Evens you get crushed, take a drink and miss your turn. Odds you escape, roll again and move forward that many spaces.

3-4 – Super Leaf: You found a Super Leaf! Next turn move 1 extra space. If you also landed on the star you can travel to Star World S4 next turn.

3-5 – Wiggler: Wiggler is just minding his own business. The first player to land here angers him. After that every other player that lands here drinks 4 times.

3-6 – Waluigi: What kind of character makes their debut in a tennis spinoff? All Luigi players take a drink.

3-7 – Toads Treasure: You found toad’s mystery chests! Roll a die to see what you get.

1-2: Mushroom, go again. 3-4: Nothing, drink in sorrow.5-6: Flute, head to 4-1 next turn instead of moving. Toad players can pick their reward.

3-8 – The Koopalings: The Koopalings stand in your way!  Roll a die 7 times. Drink for every time you get less than 5.

4-1 – Baby Yoshi: You found a baby Yoshi! Pick up any item around you. You must hold on to it for the rest of the game. If you’re seen without it you must drink.

4-2 – Mario Tennis: Time for some impromptu tennis! Pick a player to challenge. You each roll a die and whoever rolled the lowest drinks equal to what their roll was. (on a tie both players drink their roll)

4-3 – Hotel Mario: All players must drink to forget about the existence of Hotel Mario.

4-4 – Shy Guy: What even is a shy guy? Until your next turn you can only make inaudible noises. Drink for every clear word you say.

4-5 – Bombette: Bombette wants you to get bombed. The player with the least amount of drink in their cup/can/bottle must finish it.

4-6 – Poltergust 3000: The Poltergust 3000. You no longer need to stop for the King Boo space.

4-7 – Super Koopa: Super Koopa is flying around like an imbecile. Run around the table with your arms extended making “Woosh!” noises or drink 3 times.

4-8 – King Boo: King Boo stares into your soul. Challenge anyone to a staring contest. If you lose drink 5.

5-1 – Mario Kart: Everyone get your drink ready and prepare for a race! First player to finish their drink gets to take their turn next. Turn order continues clockwise after.

5-2 – Daisy: It’s the taller, thinner princess. All peach players take a drink.

5-3 – Blue Shell: Time to be punished for winning! The player in first place drinks and loses their next turn. (if it’s a tie, all tied for first players lose a turn.)

5-4 – Flip Bug: Oh no a flip bug! You are mildly inconvenienced. Next turn move 1 less than your roll. (if you roll a six you get to use your ability as normal)

5-5 – Tiny Path: It’s a tiny little path. If you’ve never landed on mushroom, fire flower, or super leaf skip ahead to 6-4. Otherwise drink once.

5-6 –Geno: Geno casts Geno Whirl. Spin around in circles while chugging your drink. Every other player must chug as long as you do.

5-7 – F.L.U.D.D.: You found F.L.U.D.D. Go pour yourself a glass of water. From now on that’s your drink. You may not go back to drinking your previous drink until that water is finished.

5-8 – Birdo: This horrible mother is hurling her young at you for sport. Roll a die until you roll a 6. Drink every time you don’t.

6-1 – Dr.Mario: How long has this plumber had a M.D.? Start stacking empty drinks on the table. Give out a drink for each successful stack. You may stop whenever but if it falls drink 3.

6-2 – 1 Up: 1 Up! Roll Again!

6-3 – Mr. L: It’s the mysterious Mr. L. Who could it be? All players except Luigi players drink for some reason.

6-4 –Boo: Boo hates eye contact! Until your next turn if anyone makes eye contact with you they have to drink.

6-5 – Ztar: Don’t mess with Ztar. Until your next turn if anyone takes any drinks, you take them instead.

6-6 – Lakitu: Oh hi Lakitu. Nothing suspicious here. (This space has no effect)

6-7 – Luma: Luma is attached to it’s Mama. Girls  and peach players drink. (Girl peach players drink twice)

6-8 – The Koopa Bros: The Koopa Bros are too cool. Roll a die. All bros drink that many. (Guys or anyone playing as Mario or Luigi) (Guys who are also playing as Mario or Luigi drink twice.)

7-1 – Thwimp: Hey it’s Thwimp. That’s kinda cute.

7-2 – Lakitu’s Hook: You fell for Lakitu’s dumb trick! The first player here is hooked back to Lakitu’s space at 6-6. Toad players can ignore this.

7-3 – Jump Block: A musical jump block! Hum a tune from one of the Super Mario games. Or drink 3 times.

7-4 – Fire Flower: You found a fire flower. Burn another player and make them drink 3 times.

7-5 – Yoshi: You found Yoshi! For the rest of the game move 1 further than whatever you rolled for movement!

7-6 – Super Mario Movie: Mario, Luigi and Toad players drink for existing in the awful Mario Bros live action movie. (seriously, Peach didn’t make the cut)

7-7 – Unagi: It’s the terrifying eel monster from Mario 64. Roll to escape. 1-3: you escape. 4-6: He catches you. Drink 3 and try again.

7-8 – Bullet Bill: Bullet Bill shoots in a straight line from here to 3-6. Anyone who is hit along the way drinks and misses their next turn.

7-9 – Pokey: Pokey is sharp and annoying. If you haven’t landed on the fire flower drink 3. If you have give 3 instead.

7-10 – Bowser Jr.: It’s Bowser’s kid Bowser Jr! Wait… who’s his mother? If you are the youngest player here, finish your drink.

8-1 – Balloon Battle: Balloon Battle! Everyone roll a die. Whoever got the lowest loses a balloon. Lose 3 balloons and you’re out. Everyone but the winner drinks twice. (on ties all lowest players lose a balloon).

8-2 – Smash Bros.: Choose a bro to smash. Pick a player to challenge to a thumb wrestle.

The loser drinks twice.

8-3 – Poison Mushroom: You picked up a poison mushroom! What do they all look alike to you? Finish a full drink. Toad players can ignore this space.

8-4 – Regular Human: A regular human pedestrian. Apparently, these are Mario characters now. If you’ve ever been to New York drink 3 times.

8-5 – Mallow: Eugh… It’s Mallow. Just drink.

8-6 – Chomp 1: You’re in range of chain chomp! Drink and move back 1 space.

8-7 – Chomp 2: You’re still in range of chain chomp! Drink and move back two spaces.

8-8 – Bowser Gauntlet: Welcome to The Bowser Gauntlet. No more rolling for movement. You only move on when each bowser is defeated. Finish this and you win the game.

BB1 – Original Bowser: Try to jump over him. Roll a die. 1-2: drink once, try again. 3-5: You fail drink twice, try again next turn. 6: This bowser is defeated.

BB2 – Paper Bowser: Paper Bowser. Challenge someone to rock-paper-scissors. Beat them in a best of 3 without losing a game to move on. Drink for every loss.

BB3 – Dry Bowser: Roll to defeat him.

  • 1: knocked down.
  • 2: If he’s knocked down he’s now defeated. (if you roll this without him being knocked down, nothing happens, your turn is over.)
  • 3-6: Drink 4 times. Try again next turn.

BB4 – Giga Bowser: Giga Bowser. Start a new full drink. Once the drink is finished and your turn starts you win the game.

Winners Space – You’ve Won The Game. You Are A Super Player !! Feel free to  “Do the Mario” ** in celebration.

S1 – Move to S2 next turn.

S2 – Open a new beer. If it’s finished before your next turn move to S3. Otherwise fall to 2-1.

S3 – Roll a die. Evens roll again. Odds stop rolling and fall to 3-1. If you get 3 evens go to S4 next turn.

S4 – Roll a die and drink that number. Repeat until you get the same number 3 times over all. If that number is a 6 move to S5 next turn otherwise fall to 4-1.

S5 – Tell a 3-minute story about Super Mario’s secret adult life to go to S6 next turn. Otherwise fall to 5-1.

S6 – Guess a number then roll a die. Drink the die roll if you’re wrong. Drink double if you’re correct. If you were correct on a 6 go to S7 next turn. Otherwise fall to 6-1.

S7 – Take a 2-ounce shot of whatever your opponents want to create to get to S8 next turn. Otherwise drop to 7-1.

S8 – Beg the other players to allow you to drop in at 8-8 next turn. If they don’t allow it fall to 8-1.