How To Play Stump – The Dangerously Fun Drinking Game

Stump Drinking Game

The Stump Drinking Game is one of the most dangerous things to sweep through colleges since adderall. The game consists of a stump, some nails, a hammer, and a few drunken people. And yes it’s exactly as unsafe as it sounds.

Unsurprisingly this game first found popularity in the never-controversial Penn State. Some claim Stump has even deeper roots in the game of “Hammerschlagen“. A German game meaning “To hit with hammer” that has a similar foundation.


A Stump, one nail per player, a hammer, and some drinks.

Set up:

Each player hammers their nail into the stump about half way. Enough so that it can stand up on it’s own.


Players take turns flipping and swinging the hammer at the nails on the stump hoping to hit the opposing players nail and not their own.

Stump Drinking Game Rules:

Players take turns flipping the hammer in the air above their head in height, catching it and in one swift motion striking the stump. If they hit a nail whoever’s nail it was must drink. If sparks fly from the strike then everyone playing must drink. If a player drops the hammer he must drink.

There is also a lot of different rules to the game of Stump based on region such as “trick flips” but those change from campus to campus so it’s best to just go with what people know.

Traditionally the Stump Drinking Game involves a lot of drinking simply because you have to be a little drunk to be this reckless in the first place. It should go without saying that this can get very dangerous especially if you’re trying out some trick flips. So please remember to Drink Responsibly. No game is worth risking your health.