Some Spoiler-Free Squid Game Drinking Game Rules

Squid Game drinking game by

This fun Squid Game drinking game adds fun drinking rules to the Netflix original Squid Game. The show is all about some extremely desperate people who are put into a competition to win enough money to pay off their debts.

Between all the chaos and nostalgic childhood games, this show makes for some great drinking rules. We tried to make this as spoiler-free as possible for new players who want to enjoy the show for the first time.

How to Play

This drinking game is broken into three modes, easy, medium and hard. Each episode everyone playing should pick what mode they want to play on. Be warned, the hard mode can be extremely punishing depending on the episode. This game can be played with any number of players so grab a few drinks and enjoy the show.

Squid Game Drinking Game Rules

Before each episode, pick a difficulty to play on. The harder the difficulty the more drinking that’s typically involved. We suggest starting on easy mode for the first episode.

Easy Mode

  • Drink once when a contestants real name is mentioned
  • Drink twice when a games rules are explained
  • Drink three times when named character dies

Medium Mode

  • Drink once when a contestants number is mentioned
  • Drink twice when money is dropped into the piggy bank on screen
  • Drink three times when someone takes off their mask

Hard Mode

  • Drink once whenever a contestant dies (or waterfall as long as multiple people are dying)
  • Drink twice when the scoreboard is shown on screen
  • Drink three times whenever someone is killed and it’s not during a game

This Squid Game drinking game is a great way to enjoy this twisted game show and have a few drinks in the process. However, some episodes can get pretty intense with these rules so make sure to take a break and sober up if you think you need to.