Spelling Bee Drinking Game

This Spelling Bee drinking game works for any kind of national televised spelling bee competition.  Anyone playing this game will take a sip whenever some typical things happen such as contestants protesting the spelling of a word or the use of words you have never heard before. Additionally players can try to opt in and spell a word before the contestant to give other players drinks.

This game is for the oral speaking rounds where all the spellers try to spell words and are judged by the panel of judges.

What You’ll Need

Any televised spelling bee event and some drinks of choice.

Spelling Bee Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • A word is used that you’ve never heard in your life (This one will rely a bit on the honor system)
  • A contestant protests the spelling of a word
  • A contestant messes spells a word incorrectly

Take a big chug whenever

  • Someone cries
  • Someone is actually awarded the point after contesting a word/spelling
  • Someone is eliminated from the competition

Opting In

At any point a player can choose to opt in and try to spell a word before the contestant does. Only 1 player can do this per round. If someone does this they must spell the word before they hear the contestant try and spell it. If they were correct about the spelling they can choose another player to take a sip. If they were incorrect they have to finish half of their own drink. Ideally to make things a little clearer players should shout “DIBS!” to determine who gets to opt in each round.


The Spelling Bee drinking game is a great way to enjoy a few drinks while watching some of the nations smartest get screwed out of a scholarship due to some silent letters. Although as with any drinking game please make sure to take it easy and drink responsibly.