(Soccer) Football Drinking Game

Soccer Drinking Game -

There’s nothing like a few pints while watching your favorite team disappoint you yet again. So weather the game you plan on watching is going slow or turns into an all out slug-fest this game should make sure you finish a few beers along the way. So grab a few drinks and get ready for our Football Drinking Game.


Any game of football and drinks.


Players will chose a Football game to watch. They will then split into two groups each representing one of the teams in the chosen game. Players will then drink according to how their team performs.

Football Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Any player from your team flops or otherwise embellishes an injury.
  • The opposing teams keeper makes a save.
  • Your team concedes a throw-in.
  • Your team concedes a free-kick.

Drink three whenever:

  • Your team is scored on.
  • Someone on your team receives a yellow card.
  • Any player on your team is nutmegged or otherwise made to look bad.
  • A player from your team is substituted off the field.
  • Your team concedes a corner kick.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Anyone on your team receives a red card.
  • The opposing team scores 3 or more goals.
  • Your team is scored on in extra time.
  • Your team is scored on from a penalty shot.

Optional Rule:

Star Player:

Each group may designate a player on their team as the “star player”. Whenever the star player would cause any amount of drinks those drinks are doubled.


Pick your poison; BPL, La Liga, MLS, even the World Cup and Euro Cup are fair game. Either way our Football Drinking Game has you covered. It’s a fair amount of drinking regardless of how the game goes. But it can quickly snowball out of control if your squad forgets how to play the game for the next 90 minutes. Which we’ve all seen happen. So get ready to get ready to turn on the beautiful game and get your buzz on.