The Sir David Attenborough Drinking Game

Sir David Attenborough Drinking Game -

This game works well with any nature show narrated by the iconic british broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. This man is considered a national treasure and with good reason. His voice overlaying footage of natural events has become well known across the world. So if you’re looking for a drinking game but don’t want to fall back to the classic action or comedy movies, then the David Attenborough drinking game should have you covered!


Any show narrated by David Attenborough and drinks. These shows include but are not limited to Planet Earth, The Blue Planet, Life on Earth, Africa, and many many more.


Sir David Attenborough Drinking Game Rules

Drink once for every time

  • David says “Extraordinary”
  • The name of an animal is said
  • David mentions the deteriorating environment
  • David uses a clear understatement such as “But then again, living in an active volcano is not without it’s risks”
  • An animal is being eaten
  • David says the word “Planet” or “Earth”
  • An animal is mating
  • There is sped up footage of a plant growing

Drink 3 times every time

  • David directly mentions the impact humans are doing to the environment and how it’s a problem.

Chug for as long as there is a chase going on. You can put the drink down whenever the animal either escapes or is caught.


It’s easy to get lost in his wonderful voice and forget you’re playing a drinking game so make sure to keep an eye out for these rules. The Sir David Attenborough drinking game is a fair amount of drinking especially since David likes to point out when an animal is the “most ___ on the planet” or how extraordinary it is. Generally at the end of most episodes of his shows he’ll mention the damage people are doing to the environment as he’s been noted as a huge supporter of environmental issues.