How To Play Sip, Sip, Shot – Complete Rules

For the uninitiated Sip, Sip Shot is a drinking game resembling the children’s game “duck,duck goose”. And really what’s funner than getting drunk and acting like a kid again?

The idea of the game is pretty simple. Much like in duck, duck goose someone runs around the circle bopping people’s heads instead this time “duck” and “goose” are replaced with “sip” and “shot”. When someone is bopped and declared “shot!” they must race the other player around the circle and get back to their chair to avoid taking a shot. This game requires at least 4 people.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need a shot glass for the loser and then everyone else must have a drink of their own for sipping. This game is played on the floor so everyone playing must sit in a circle on the floor.

Sip, Sip, Shot Drinking Game Rules

At the start someone is chosen to be the bopper. Once chosen they walk around the outside of the circle and bope everyone on the head saying “sip”. Whenever someone is bopped and declared sip, they must take a sip of their tasty adult beverage.

However at any time the bopper can say “shot”, now it’s go-time! The person declared shot and the bopper must sprint around the circle and get back to the spot he was sitting in. If the bopper gets there first the boppee loses and must down a shot of hard alcohol. Otherwise the bopper must drink and continue around the circle.

Once someone loses they become the bopper for the next ground.

There’s no real finishing point to this game so just continue to play until standing up and running in a circle starts to feel next to impossible.


As with any drinking games anyone playing sip, sip shot should know their limits. Please always make sure to exercise caution and drink responsibly.