Shots and Ladders – An Easy Snakes And Ladders Drinking Game

Snakes and Ladders drinking game -

This Snakes and Ladders drinking game is simple yet effective. All it takes is some shot glasses and a snakes and ladders board. If you don’t happen to have a board handy it’s easy enough to make one by making a 10×10 square grid.

Making a board

First grab a large piece of paper and draw a 10 by 10 grid over it. That should be 100 square spaces total. Mark “Start” on the first space and “Finish” on the last one. Then get players to take turns adding snakes to the board connecting a space to a space below it. Then players add ladders connecting lower spaces to higher ones. Make sure there’s a clear distinction between the snakes and the ladders so players don’t get confused.


A bunch of shot glasses and different alcohols.

Set Up

Before the game can begin the shot glasses need to be placed. Place one shot glass at the TOP of every ladder and the BOTTOM of every snake. After shot glasses are in place the players take turns filling a shot glass of their choosing, until all shot glasses are filled. Players can fill the shot glasses with whatever they choose but they need to be careful because they can be the ones who end up drinking them!

How to Play Shots and Ladders

This game plays out like a normal game of snakes and ladders. Roll a die, move your piece down the board, if you land on a snake head you fall down it, if you land on the bottom of a ladder you go up it. This version however has a few added drinking rules.

If a player ever slides down a snake they must drink the shot at the bottom of the snake. They can then refill the shot glass.

If a player goes up a ladder they get to choose another player to take the shot at the top of the ladder. They can then refill the shot glass.

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This simple Snakes and Ladders drinking game is a great way to have a few shots. There’s not much too it and it’s easy to set up as long as you have the materials.