Shark Tank Drinking Game

Shark Tank Drinking Game -

Shark Tank is the iconic television show where you watch a dozen or so different desperate entrepreneurs beg rich investors for money to help grow their companies. Including big name investors like Ashton Kutcher, Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban. Our drinking game makes this showcasing of innovations even more interesting. So get a few drinks and get ready to watch a bunch of people beg and gravel to make their dreams come true.


Players will drink for all the things that are pretty well guaranteed to happen every episode. Plus they will finish their drinks if every shark tries to make an offer on the same product. There’s also an optional rule if players want to kick up their drinking and bet on their favorite shark.

Shark Tank Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once Whenever

  • The guy pitching the product says the name of any of the sharks
  • Someone mentions mortgaging their house
  • Kevin crushes someones dreams
  • Someone looks like they might cry
    • Drink twice if they actually do
  • One of the sharks goes up for a demonstration
  • All sharks are out
  • Anyone says the word “Wonderful”
  • A deal is made

Finish your drink whenever

  • All the sharks like a pitch and try to make a deal

Optional Rule : Favorite Shark

Pick your favorite shark. If they are ever out you must take a drink. If they make a deal assign a drink to another player.


Our Shark Tank drinking game is a great way to enjoy this thoroughly entertaining show. Watch as competitors either make or break their dreams and enjoy a few beers while you do it. Over all it’s a not a whole lot of drinking and the drink finishing rule is very rare. Except the odd banter where they go back and forth making fun of O’leary’s nickname Mr. Wonderful. We’d suggest players use the optional rule if they want to kick up the drunk factor a little bit.