SauceOff – Bringing Tailgating to the Next Level

Prove your accuracy in the awesome game of lawn hockey. This portable hockey game is great for tailgates, parties, or just hanging out in the lawn and flexing your hockey skills.

Sauce Off combines cornhole with Hockey to bring a great party game. Just set up the two ramps and start shooting. There’s also regular beanbags in case you’d rather toss the bags.

What Is SauceOff?

SauceOff is the ultimate tailgating game for hockey fans. It plays like a regular game of cornhole except with hockey sticks and pucks.

Two Ways to Play

Just in case you don’t have the skills to slap the puck into the nets, SauceOff also contains some high quality been bags to make the game more accessible to everyone. (or to give someone a leg up if you’re feeling sorry for them).

Hockey Setup

If you choose to play the hockey version, you’re going to need a couple hockey sticks. For this version you’ll wand to lay out the smooth plastic mats to shoot from. This way is a little harder so it’s best for those who are handy with the sticks.

Cornhole Setup

This is the version everyone should already know how to play. Just grab the hockey puck shaped bean bags and take turns tossing them at the opponents stand.

Setting It Up

One of the great qualities of this game is just how easy it is to get started.

First grab and unfold the two ramps and place them about 25 feet away from each other. (You can move them closer or further if you want).

Then slide out the plastic playing surfaces. Grab a few pucks and you’re good to go.

Alternatively if you want to play the beanbag version, you won’t need the playing surfaces or pucks. Reach for the black beanbags instead.

What We Thought Of SauceOff

SauceOff is a great twist on the classic lawn game. Even though not many of us have a lot of skill with hockey sticks, we still had tons of fun.

The boards, nets, and beanbags are all of really good quality. The game itself comes in a really easy to transport case so it can easily fit in the back of a car.

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SauceOff is a great game that’s definitely gonna make more appearances at parties. Recommended to anyone looking to kill some time with pals while waiting for the next NHL season.