Rugby Drinking Game

This Rugby Drinking game is played while watching any given match of Rugby. Doesn’t matter if it’s a regular season game or a six nations championship. To play this game each person needs to pick who they are rooting for because they’re going to have to drink whenever their team messes up. If a player can’t decide then screw it; you’re flip-flopping ass is voting for both teams and you’ll have to drink for both of them.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you need is a game of rugby on tv and a lot of drinks ready.

Rugby Drinking Game Rules

For this game before you start you need to pick which team you’re rooting for. Then follow these easy drinking rules.

Drinking for the Match

If your team…

  • Loses a scrum – 1 sip
  • Concedes a penalty – 1 sip
  • Gets a yellow card – 2 sips
  • Gets a red card – 5 sips
  • Gets into a fight – 2 sips
    • Loses the fight, another 2 sips.
  • Has a player who gets injured – 3 sips.

Drinking for Scoring

If the opposing team scores by a…

  • Back getting a try – 3 sips
  • Forward getting a try – 5 sips
  • Conversion – 1 sip
  • Penalty Kick – 2 sips
  • Drop Kick – 2 sips


Our Rugby drinking game is easy but it’ll definitely get the job done. There’s a ton of drinking involved especially if you’re team is playing like ass. So please make sure to drink responsibly and mind your limits. If you’re looking for more sports related drinking games we also have some for most other major sports in our sports drinking games section!