Rick and Morty Drinking Game

Rick And Morty Drinking Game -

The Rick and Morty Drinking Game is for anyone who loves watching this absurd sci-fi comedy and has the same appreciation for staying drunk as Rick. Maybe a few more beers and you can start to see the world through Rick’s eyes?

Rick and Morty follows a mad scientist and sidekick as they bumble through universes and time for who knows what reason to accomplish who knows what. Basically every episode ends up with Rick convincing Morty and sometimes his sister Summer to follow him on one of his insane and dangerous schemes.

This show makes for the perfect drinking game since it’s packed with it’s own tropes such as Rick’s constant burping and Morty’s constant worries.



Any episode of Rick and Morty and drinks


Players will be drinking during any of the mentioned tropes of the series.


Drink one every time:

  • Rick Burps
  • Rick does something incredibly spiteful
  • Morty doesn’t trust ricks plan.
  • Someone gets shot
  • Rick showcases a new invention
  • Somebody swears
  • Someone steps through a portal. Drink for everyone that stepped through.
  • Rick drinks on screen
  • Beth drinks wine
  • Morty says “I dunno Rick” or “Aw Geez”
  • Summer gets annoyed


Finish your drink if

  • Morty snaps. This can either be a verbal assault or a literal assault like in the episode with the Jellybean King.


Not going to lie, this drinking game can get pretty heavy depending what episode you decide to watch. The drink finishing rule shouldn’t come up all too often but things like rick’s drunk burping happen far too often. Plus i never realized until i made this game just how often Morty says “Aw Geez”.


The Rick and Morty Drinking game is perfect for anyone looking to down a few beers while watching this great cartoon. But please remember to drink responsibly, no game is worth risking your physical health.