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Pour Judgement – The Party Game Where Everyone Loses

The Pour Judgement card game is an adult drinking game full of fun challenges and drunken shenanigans. Generally each card in the deck causes someone to drink, or perform a ridiculous task. It’s simple to understand and will have everyone drinking and laughing in no-time.

How Does It Work?

Easy! Each turn players simply flip a card and do what it says. There’s a number main categories of cards; Drink if, Challenge, Truth, Group Rules and a few others. So sit in a circle, choose who starts, and get flipping.

Drink If Cards

  • These cards are simple. The card states something like “Drink if you’ve had sex with more than one person in the same day” or “Drink if you’ve clogged someone else’s toilet and left it”, and everyone who has done that takes a drink.

Challenge Cards

  • Challenge cards present unique challenges like “Floss your teeth with someone’s hair”. If you complete it you get the reward (usually dolling out a few sips) and if you fail you must suffer the drinking punishment.

Truth Cards

  • Truth cards, much like the challenge cards, ask you to answer something or suffer a drinking punished. Usually it’s something embarrassing like “What’s your sexual fantasy?”.

Group Rules

  • Group Rules are things game rules that last as long as they say on the card. Stuff like “No pointing” or “Everyone stacks their phones, anyone caught touching their phone drinks”.

Other Card Types

  • Scattered throughout the deck are a number of other types of cards like Clothes Swapping, Beer Chugging, Group Challenges and more.

Pour Judgement Review

Full disclosure, due to the current times we had to play this game via discord voice chat. So a few of the cards we couldn’t really do, although we managed to have a blast anyway.

What’s great about this game is the massive amount of cards included in the box. With 292 different cards it’s a different game every time you play it. Although the game doesn’t really end, you kind of just play until everyone feels ready to move on to something else.

Pour Judgement is a great way to entertain and make sure conversation doesn’t get stale. A good way to kick of a pre-game. Although we’ve seen a lot of games similar to this one on the market, Pour Judgement stands out from the pack with a lot of unique “drink if” cards and wacky challenges.