How to Play The Pizza Box Drinking Game

The Pizza Box drinking game is one that just requires a coin, a marker and a pizza box. All of which should be pretty easy to find at any given party. What happens is everyone takes turns flipping a quarter onto a pizza box and then outlining it and writing a rule in that space. Anytime your quarter lands somewhere with a rule you must do that action. Easy peasy. Any number of players can play.

What You’ll Need

Any type of coin, a pizza box, a marker or pen and some drinks for everyone player.

Setting It Up

Before you start the game everyone needs to have their own space on the board. Flatten out the pizza box. Then everyone take turns drawing a circle and putting their name in it on the board. Now’s where the fun begins.

How to Play The Pizza Box Drinking Game

Players take turns flipping the coin onto the pizza box. If it lands on a space with someone’s name then that person drinks.

If it happens to land on a space without a persons name on it then you get to create a rule. Draw a circle around the coin and write in whichever rule you want. This can be anything such as “boys drink” or “Last player to take both their feet off the ground drinks”. From now on anyone who lands on that space must do that action.

If someone’s coin doesn’t land on the box they take a sip and try again until it does.


The Pizza Box drinking game is an easy way to turn that leftover junk into a great time. Plus when you’re done you can just toss it out. As with any drinking game make sure you drink responsibly and arrange yourself a safe ride home.