Pass-A-Shot! Drinking Game

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The pace a shot drinking game is a purely luck based game where players roll a few dice to decide what will happen with the filled shot glasses in front of them. This one works with any number of players but works best with around 4 to 8.

What You’ll Need

A handful of dice (at least 5) and 3 shot glasses per player. Before the game starts players fill all of their 3 shot glasses in front of them. They can fill it with whatever they want but keep in mind they could be the ones who end up drinking them. So this could be beer, vodka, rum, water, milk, whatever!

Pass-A-Shot Drinking Game Rules

After everyone has their shots ready someone is chosen to start the game. On their turn they roll 1 die for every shot glass they have in front of them. It’s easier to roll the die one at a time in front of every shot. If they don’t have any shots in front of them then they skip their turn. The roll of the die will tell them what to do with each shot glass.

  • 1 – Nothing Happens.
  • 2 – Nothing Happens.
  • 3 – Nothing Happens.
  • 4 – Drink That Shot!
  • 5 – Pass this shot glass to the player on the left
  • 6 – Pass this shot glass to the player on the right

Players can feel free to keep their empty shot glasses next to them to keep a tally of just how messed up they got during that game. Let’s say the one with the most is the winner! The game continues until each shot glass has been drank.

The Pass-A-Shot drinking game is all in good fun but depending on your luck and what the other players decide to fill the shot glasses with it could end up getting sloppy real quick. So please make sure to pace yourself and drink responsibly.