Paranormal Activity Drinking Game – Get Drunk And Terrified At The Same Time!

This Paranormal Activity drinking game was made for the first paranormal activity movie but since the movies in this series are all so similar it should work with any of the movies. These are some of the most scary and tense films out there so why not add a few drinks to calm your nerves?

These films were originally just a small independent film project but through their innovative narrative became a classic horror series. So whether you’re just looking to get a good scare or gear up for the Halloween season this drinking game is a great way to do it.

What You’ll Need

For this game all you’re going to need is the movie and some drinks.


In this drinking game you’ll be drinking for all the creepy moments of paranormal happenings and for whenever you personally get scared/jump.

Paranormal Activity Drinking Game Rules

  1. Take a sip whenever the film switches from day to night to prepare yourself
  2. Chug for as long as the clock is fast forwarding
  3. Take another sip whenever night vision is turned on
  4. If someone swears, take a gulp of your drink
  5. Take a sip every time something paranormal happens during the daytime
  6. If ever you jump out of fright take a big gulp of your drink for being a wuss


If you’re into horror movie drinking games and are having trouble deciding which one you’re going to try out you should check out our Generic Horror Movie Drinking Game that’s made to work with any classic horror movie you could imagine. No matter which game you decide to try out tonight please make sure to drink responsibly and arrange yourself a safe ride home.