Paranoia Drinking Game

The paranoia drinking game is a classic drinking game that only requires your voice, a few drinks, and the willingness to part with a bit of your dignity. It’s a great way to get to know your company and to get people to open up a little.


All you need for this game is drinks. Which you only need to drink if your curiosity gets the better of you.

Set Up

Players should sit in a circle. Then players decide which two players will start the game. One to ask the question and the other to answer it


Basically a player whispers a question to another player. Who then answers it out loud. If anyone wants to know what the question is they must take a sip, then the question asker whispers them what the question was.

Paranoia Drinking Game Rules

To start the game the questioner whispers a question to the player chosen to answer ir. Make sure nobody can hear the question except the person who answers it. The question must be something that can be answered by stating the name of someone at the group. Then the person must answer the question out loud so everyone can hear it.

For example say Karen whispers to Steve “Who do you think is the best in the sack?”, then Steve stands up and says “Britney!”.

After this each player can take a drink to hear what the question was. The person who asked it can go around and whisper what the question was to everyone who drank.

After each round the person who answered the question now gets to whisper a question to another player and repeat the process.


The Paranoia drinking game tends to get a little embarrassing. But hey that’s what the alcohol is for! So if you’re looking for a great drinking game to help break the ice than this is a great choice.