Ozark Drinking Game

Ozark Drinking Game -

The Ozark Drinking Game has players drinking to the currently airing dark drama Ozark. This show follows Marty Byrde as he tries to launder away gigantic sums of money to save him and his family from a terrifying crime family. This show starts out at pretty crazy and it only ramps up there as Marty and his family are constantly subject to wilder and wilder situations.

This show makes for a great drinking game to keep pace with the show. From drugs, to money laundering, to cold blooded murders this show keeps things interesting. So grab a few beers and see how deep Marty can dig this hole he found himself in.


Ozark and drinks


Players will drink for the various character traits repeated in this series. Also players will finish their drinks whenever someone dies.

Ozark Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Marty talks his way out of a sticky situation
  • Marty talks about how terrifying the cartel is
  • Anytime one of the Langmore’s act trashy
  • Marty brings up his Wendy’s dead lover
  • Jonah mentions birds
  • Someone pulls out a gun


Finish your drink whenever:

  • One or more people die in a scene


This one was a little harder to make many steady rules since the show itself doesn’t follow much of a pattern. Most of these rules are up to the players judgement to determine if they qualify for a drink or not. Deaths do happen fairly often though maybe every second episode so make sure to get a few drinks handy and get ready for the Ozark Drinking Game!