Office Christmas Party Drinking Game

Office Christmas Party Drinking Game -

Office Christmas Party is a comedy Christmas movie where the main characters, Clay and Josh, are forced into the awkward situation of having to fire employees unless they can start making some money. Fueled by their care for their company and a few too many ounces of Christmas spirit, they devise a plan to throw the best office party of all time to try and win over an important investor.

This movie switches gears pretty hard from the semantics of their financial situation to gigantic balls-to-the-wall party. Which is perfect for a Christmas drinking game since it gets a little more intense every minute. So grab some nog or a few bottles of rum and get ready for the Office Christmas Party drinking game!



The movie Office Christmas Party and drinks


Players will be drinking for all the recurring phrases or scenes in the movie. Fairly simple and easy to keep up with but all these rules come up a ton so be careful!


The Office Christmas Party Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • Someone is drinking alcohol on screen
  • It’s mentioned that Clay and Carol are siblings
  • Clay does something reckless with his money
  • Carol insults someone
  • Josh talks about his divorce
  • Josh is a wet blanket (tries to tell someone that something is a bad idea or doesn’t want to do something fun)
  • Kate tries to lay down the H.R. law
  • Someone kisses someone else

Drink when anyone says one of the following words

  • Christmas
  • H.R.
  • Zenotek (the name of the company)


Take a huge swig whenever

  • Someone does cocaine. Even if it’s accidental.


Hard Mode

Looking to ramp up the drinking a little bit? Try drinking every time someone swears as well. Characters like Clay can’t go 4 words without dropping an F bomb.


Not going to lie, this Christmas drinking game will be quite a lot of drink. But hey what are the holidays for? There’s quite a bit of swearing, drinking, and common topics that come up so get those bottles ready. The Office Christmas Party drinking game should start off fairly slow but will ramp up quickly as the party starts.