Never Have I Ever (App)

The Never Have I Ever App is comes from the same people who brought us King Of Booze, Day Games. Day games are a game development studio based out of Croatia. And although we only cover their drinking games on here they also are consistently developing apps for any type of smart phone, both drinking games and regular games.

As far as I have been able to tell this is the most extensive Never Have I Ever app on the market today. The app is free and comes with 172 varied questions to start off and more can be purchased or earned through following their social media platforms. So even if you’re looking to not spend any money the initial 172 cards followed by the 261 extra cards you can get by following Day Games on Instagram or Facebook will be more than enough.

Never Have I Ever Rules:

For those who have never played this game it’s extremely simple. First select the decks you want to use in the game based on the tastes of your current company than get ready to read the screen.

You’ll be prompted with a statements starting with “Never have I ever” and anyone in the circle who has done that before has to drink. It’s a great ice breaker and usually ends up in players learning stuff about their friends that they wish they never knew. Be careful though, this is always a way to cause tension between jealous couples.


Alternate Rules

When we played this game we liked to use a little variant to make it so the game had a more clear ending point. We had each player put three fingers in the air and every time they had done one of the actions then they put a finger down and took a drink. Once players lost all 3 fingers they finished their drinks until there was only one player remaining in the game who was declared the winner by effectively being the most boring person in the circle.


Day Game’s Never Have I Ever app is a fantastic way to get to know your fellow party-goers. It’s one of the easiest to set up and play drinking apps we’ve ever come across. We also recommend downloading some of the premium packs especially “XXX_Whoreland” for some added intrigue.


Always remember to drink responsibly. No drinking game is worth risking your physical health. Cheers!