Name Game Drinking Game

The Name Game is a pretty classic verbal game that’s been turned into a drinking game. The premise is simple, a player says a name (must be a real person) and the next player must say another name who’s first name starts with the first letter of the last last name said. Whoever fails or repeats, drinks! This game works with any number of players.

What You’ll Need

All you need for this one is some drinks and hopefully some short term memory.

Name Game Drinking Game Rules

The first player to start the game says someones full name. It must be a real person, either someone you know or someone famous. Such as “Stephen Colbert”.

Now the next player clockwise must say someone’s name that begins with the first letter of the last last name said. In this case “C” from “Colbert”. So they could say “Charlie Day”.

Additionally if anyone is able to come up with a name that works and has the same letter to start both their first and last name, play order is reversed. Such as names like “Steven Spielberg”

This goes on until someone takes too long to come up with a name or repeats a name that was already said. That person must take a drink and is in charge of starting up the next round. Turn order in this game is always clockwise.


The trick to the Name Game drinking game is to come up with tricky names of people with weird last names like “Frank Zappa”. This game is also pretty light in terms of drinking so feel free to play multiple rounds. Although as the night goes on it tends to get more difficult as players begin to slur their words and lose the short term memory necessary to remember who said what.