The Ultimate My Little Pony Drinking Game

This MLP drinking game is designed for the Friendship Is Magic series but should work fine for the movie too. Basically we just made 1 drinking rule for each of the main ponies and spike. There’s also a bonus rule for whenever Celestia has a line in the show so it might be more drinking during the episodes that center around her.

Given that each of the main cast of this show all has their own personal tropes like Rainbow Dash’s speed or Pinky Pies affinity for parties, these drinking rules are bound to come up all the time.

What You’ll Need To Play

Throw on your favorite mlp episode and grab some drinks. Everyone playing this game must pick 1 or more of the main cast of ponies. This includes Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy. Then they drink whenever the drinking rule to that pony comes up. There’s also some group drinking rules that everyone drinks for.

The Ultimate My Little Pony Drinking Game Rules

Pony Drinking Rules

(Choose your favorite pony or ponies then drink whenever…)

  • Twilight sparkle uses her magic
    • Drink twice if it’s to save the day
  • Apple Jack mentions apples
    • Drink twice if she is seen picking apples
  • Rainbow Dash flies away
    • Drink twice if she challenges someone to a race
  • Pinkie Pie mentions parties
    • Drink twice if she actually throws one
  • Rarity insults someone’s hygiene or fashion choice
    • Drink twice if she gets messy just to prove she can
  • Fluttershy stutters
    • Drink twice if she physically flees from a conversation

Group Drinking Rules

(Everyone drinks when these things happen)

  • Spike is seen eating
    • Drink twice if he’s eating gems
  • Princess Celestia actually gets a line in the episode. (even if it’s off screen).


If you can think of any rules that should be added to the My Little Pony drinking game make sure to drop us a line on our contact form or let us know on instagram @the_chuggernauts. Depending on the episode you pick this game might end up being a lot of drinking so make sure to take a breather once in a while and please drink responsibly.