Mike Tyson Mysteries Drinking Game

Mike Tyson Drinking Game

The Mike Tyson Mysteries Drinking Game will have players drinking to what is essentially the adult version of Scooby Doo, but with Mike Tyson. The show revolves around Tyson and his Asian Daughter Yung Hee, along with a Pigeon and the ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry. The four of them live together and run a mystery team, solving bizarre and supernatural phenomenon. Or you know, sometimes they are in an episode of house hunters for no reason. The episodes are short and it’s sure to be a laugh riot when Mike punches someone out because that’s what he does best.


The Netflix original show Mike Tyson Mysteries and drinks.


Players will drink as the characters fall into their tropes. Mike Tyson is dumb and punches things, Pigeon is an alcoholic pervert with a gambling addiction, and so on.

Mike Tyson Mysteries Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever:

  • Mike Tyson is a complete idiot.
  • Mike Tyson punches someone.
  • Marcus says or does something homoerotic.
  • Pigeon is seen drinking or makes a sleazy comment.
  • Yung Hee Is disgusted at Pigeon or points out Mike Tyson’s mistakes.

Drink three whenever:

  • Someone is killed.
  • A mythological beast or monster appears.
  • Massive property damage occurs.

Finish your drink whenever:

The Mike Tyson Mystery team completely fails the task at hand. This is up to your own opinion, but it does happen often enough. For example if they are trying to solve a mystery and end up killing the wrong person, then it’s safe to assume that was a failure.

The Mike Tyson Mysteries Drinking Game is an absolute blast to drink along with. The rules are pretty simple and generally just happen whenever the characters fall into their tropes. People are randomly murdered, mythical beasts show up sporadically, and there is a few times where they mess up and burn down large buildings. So grab some cold ones and join Mike and his family as they kinda sometimes solve mysteries.