A Jingle Jangle Drinking Game for the Holidays

Looking to add a bit more Christmas cheer to your holidays? Well this Jingle Jangle drinking game adds some fun drinking rules to make sure everyone is feeling merry.

Jingle Jangle (2020) is a holiday fantasy film about the magic of Christmas and toy making. As master inventor Jeronicus Jangle begins to unveil his greatest creation yet, he’s blindsided by his once-loyal apprentice and a toy that’s having an existential crisis. Losing his inspiration, Jeronicus resigns himself to a life of mediocrity. That is until his grand daughter begins to re-ignite his passion for inventing.

What You’ll Need to Play

For this drinking game all you’re going to need is the movie (currently streaming on Netflix) and some drinks. We suggest something festive. This game works with any number of players, or it can be played online as long as everyone has a Netflix subscription to watch the movie.

Jingle Jangle Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever…

  • Someone is seen doing a flip in a musical number
  • Smoke or steam shoots out of something
  • A toy or machine comes to life
  • Anyone says “Invent” or “invention”
  • The movie cuts back to the story book being read
  • Jessica is seen touching her necklace
  • Anyone says “Possible” or “Impossible”
  • Someone imagines calculations
  • Edison bumps his head
  • Someone mentions Christmas
  • Anyone says the word “Jangle”, drink three times if anyone says the full name “Jeronicus Jangle”.

Drink half of your drink whenever…

  • One of Gustaffsons machines/toys breaks or doesn’t function like he wants it to

This Jingle Jangle drinking game is a great way to relax and enjoy the holiday season. If you feel like the drinking rules are a bit too intense consider taking a few out and just playing with the ones you enjoy the most. Like with any drinking game, always make sure to take it in moderation and take a break if you need one.