A Jeopardy! Drinking Game for Trivia Lovers

Jeopardy Drinking Game by

Looking to learn a thing or two while getting blasted a the same time? Well that’s where our Jeopardy! drinking game comes into play. This fun game adds fun rules to your favorite episode of Jeopardy in order to keep the drinks flowing.

Since it’s inception Jeopardy has been a staple game show across the globe. This trivia show has contestants flexing their knowledge on various topics in an attempt to win big and outscore all their opponents and hopefully roll their winnings into the next episode.

What You’ll Need To Play This Game

For this game all you’re going to need is some brews and your favorite episode of Jeopardy. We suggest playing a classic episode with Alex Trebek (R.I.P.). This game works with any number of players so queue up an episode and follow these easy drinking rules. At the start of the show each player should choose their favorite contestant.

Jeopardy Drinking Game Rules

At the start of this game, pick a contestant. Then, throughout the game drink whenever your contestant isn’t the one to answer a question correctly. Additionally at the end of the game take a shot if your contestant doesn’t win.

Additional Drinking Rules

  • If nobody buzzes in, drink once.
  • If a contestant says what they plan to do with their winnings, drink once.
  • If someone forgets to phrase their answer as a question, drink once.
  • If you successfully answer a trivia question first, give out a drink. (if you shout out an answer that turns out to be incorrect, take a drink).
  • When the daily double comes up, drink twice.
  • When finally jeopardy comes up, drink three times.

This Jeopardy Drinking Game is a great way to spice up your daytime television routine. It works best if you find an episode nobody has seen before so that nobody knows the answers or which contestant to choose. Make sure to always drink responsibly and never drive drunk. Cheers!