How to Spice up you Parties with a Theme

Themed Parties

Many occasions call for a party; weddings, birthdays, holidays, celebrations of any kind, and just for the heck of it. There are always a few staples to a good party. Good people, good food, drinks, and good music. So while a great playlist can take you a long way, a sure fire way to throw a memorable party is by throwing a great themed party! Here are a few ideas for some fun themes!

Costume Theme

Who says that costume parties are exclusive to Halloween? Not this guy! A Costume party is always a sure fire way to liven up a party and make it memorable and exciting. you can even choose categories for your costume party such as monster theme, celebrity look alike, fantasy, or you can get really creative and throw a Jim Henson themed party where you all dress up as your favourite muppet/puppet that he has created. Whatever the sub theme is, a costume party is always a great way to have a fun and wild time.

Decade Theme

This one is pretty strait forward and a ton of fun. Be it the roaring 20s, the swinging 60s, the grunge filled 90s, or any decade in between, it’s always such a blast to explore the fashion from another era as you pick out your decade appropriate outfit. All you’ll really need beyond that is some music to match and if you really want to go all out, you can research what snack items were popular in that time.

Casino theme

Depending on where you’re from, casinos may not be something that is easily accessible, especial during the pandemic. While things like online poker, streaming services, and online scratch cards like the popular zdrapki online na pieniadze, are immensely fun and easily accessible, it’s nice to get together with a good group of friends, a table, and some cards and dice, and just go at it. So grab a beer, pick a few of your favourite games, such as poker, black jack, Rummy, or craps and enjoy. If you need more ideas on the perfect poker themed party, be sure to check out the profile of Klara Czerwinska. A gaming expert with some really great tips.

Neon theme

Neon themed parties are always a great way to keep things tight and bright. Dress up in some fantastically bright neon clothes, decorate the house, create neon coloured drinks and let the good times and laughter roll in. You can step up the neon game by adding black lights around the house and really see how everyone glows.


While we typically think of parties as an inside gathering, it can be so much fun to bring that party outside if you have the space for it. There are a wide variety of outdoor drinking games you can plan for such as Flunkyball, Slip and slide flip cup, beer pong, beer darts, drinking four square, Frisknock, Wisest Wizard, and many more! If you would like to keep it more chill, get a few good friends together, some tents, and have a fire. Back yard camping with pals is another great way to have a fun night.

There are a few ideas of theme parties that’ll ensure that people will think your parties are unique, fun, and memorable. So get out there and plan the best dang themed party you can and impress all your friends with your amazing planning skills, cheers.