How to Play the Snap Dragon Drinking Game

The Snap Dragon drinking game is one that originates from the 16th century that was typically played near chritsmastime. If you’re looking for an easy game to set up and play you might want to check elsewhere but if you’re looking to learn a little bit about the games of yore or even try to replicate them yourself then you’re in the right place!

What is the Snap Dragon Game?

This was mostly a parlor game in which people at the table take turns trying to snatch raisins or other small fruits from a flaming bowl of brandy in the dark. And if that sounds crazy to you that’s because it is.

How to Play Snap Dragon

Setting it Up

This game takes a bit of prep. What you’ll need is a bowl, 3 raisons per person playing, some brandy and something to light it on fire.

First grab the bowl and put all the raisins in it. Next warm up some brandy on the stove and then pour it in the bowl. About an inch high but as long as it’s past the raisins it should work.

Lastly grab a lighter and light the brandy fumes on fire. Now turn off the lights and the game is ready to begin.

Playing the Game

The goal of the game here is to be the person who gets the most raisins out of the bowl. On a persons turn they get one chance to swipe at the bowl and grab out a raisin and pop it in their mouth without burning themselves or spilling too much of the lukewarm raisin brandy. Gotta be quick though because if the raisin is on fire it’ll only get put out when it’s in your mouth and closed.

Once all the raisins are snatched whoever ate the most wins the Snap Dragon drinking game.