How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game

HIMYM Drinking Game

This How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game is pretty simple. Just grab some drinks and drink along to these drinking rules! This game works with any number of players any any episode of the show.

The show follows Ted as he dates a million people and tells the most long winded story in history to his children about how him and their mother met. It’s pretty much just him and his gang drinking and picking up girls so it makes for the perfect drinking game.

What You’ll Need

Any episode of any season of the HIMYM, and some beers.

How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game Rules

Drink Whenever

  • Someone says “Ted”
  • Someone hits on Robin
  • Ted is introduced to someone
  • Barney says “Legendary”, “Suit Up!”, “Challenge Accepted” or “True Story”
  • Bob Saget comes in as the narrator. (Seriously, he’s already an adult why does his voice turn into Bob Saget’s when he’s older?)
  • Someone in the show takes a sip of their drink (This doesn’t happen as often as you would think for a show that mostly takes place at bars)
  • Lily slaps or hits someone
  • Marshall and Lily share a “moment”.
  • Anyone high-fives
  • The show cuts to a flashback

Finish your drink whenever..

Ted’s clear commitment issues come through and he breaks up with someone


This How I Met Your Mother drinking game should work great with any episode of the show since most of them follow the same basic setup. Plus the great thing about this show is it’s easy to jump in at any episode and have a basic idea of what’s going on. As with all drinking games though, over consumption of alcohol can be a very serious issue so please make sure to drink responsible.