Gordon Ramsay Drinking Game

Gordon Ramsey Drinking Game -

Gordon Ramsay is a notoriously vulgar Scottish celebrity chef. With national recognition he’s best known for his TV shows Kitchen Nightmares and the U.S. version of Hell’s Kitchen. He also owns a few Michelin star restaurants around the globe. This Gordon Ramsay drinking game is designed to work with any of his television shows or guest appearances.

Needless to say his foul mouth and constant berating of staff members makes this man the perfect drinking game candidate. So grab a few drinks and make sure not to burn the f***in’ chicken!



Any Gordon Ramsay show such as Kitchen Nightmares and drinks


Players will be drinking for his constant foul language and borderline abuse of staff.


Gordon Ramsay Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever Gordon

  • Swears
  • Says something is burnt
  • Says something is raw/undercooked


Drink twice Whenever Gordon

  • Makes employees to a challenge of some sort. Like a blind taste test.
  • Asks someone why they became a chef.
  • Uses a combination of swear words you’ve never heard before.
  • Literally spits out food or drink
  • Takes someone to show them something disgusting in their own kitchen
  • Congratulates someone on their amazing food


Optional Rule : How are they now?

This optional rule only works with his shows that follow other people’s restaurants like Kitchen Nightmares or Hotel Hell. At the end of each episode pull out your phone or computer and Google the name of the restaurant Ramsay just finished working on. If it turns out they went under and are no longer in business, each player finishes their drink.


This Gordon Ramsay drinking game is always a great time because the man is wildly entertaining. During some shows of his the swearing rule can come up a lot so if it’s a bit much consider removing that rule. The optional rule adds a bit of excitement and really brings into the light just how many of these successful looking restaurants fail soon after Ramsay walks out the door.