Golf Drinking Game

Golf Drinking Game -

Have you ever been watching Golf on TV and thought “Wow i need a few drinks to make it through this”? Well The Chuggernauts have got you covered with our Gold Drinking Game. Watch and drink in amazement as a bunch of rich dudes hit a small ball with a stick and try to sink it into a hole. If you actually don’t know what golf is well, that actually sums it rather well.


Any game of golf and drinks.


Players will be drinking as they leisurely watch a game of golf on TV. They will have drinks as players get birdies and bogeys and generally screw up as they make millions of dollars.

Golf Drinking Game Rules

Drink one whenever:

  • A player gets a birdie.
  • A player gets a bogey.
  • Someone lands in a sand trap.
  • You hear the crowd clapping.
  • Anyone tips their hat.
  • Someone raises their club.

Drink three whenever:

  • A player gets an eagle.
  • A player gets a double bogey or worse.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • A shot lands in the water.
  • Any player hits a hole in one.
  • Someone somehow gets an albatross.


The Golf Drinking Game will have you drinking to pretty much everything that happens in a game of golf. From players scoring to them missing horribly pretty much every shot will have you drinking some amount. Players will finish their drinks whenever a golfer hits their ball into the water, hits a hole in one, or by some miracle of god they get an albatross. An albatross is when they sink the ball in 2 hits during a par 5, and it is much more rare than a hole in one. So prepare to make watching golf somewhat bearable by drinking a bunch.