Game Of Shots App Review

Game of Shots is a drinking game App by Wired Koala Studios that lists a bunch of really unique and fun drinking games. It currently has a list of about 23 drinking games many of which are entirely unique to this app. Ranging from card games to pong games to small mini games like minesweeper this app has a little bit of everything.

How It Works

Game of Shots features a ton of unique mini games that don’t require you to have any extra resources to play. Think of it like a dunken version of Mario Party.

Each game lists how many players can play and how much drinking is involved in each game so you can pick your poison.

Where To Get It

Google Play Store

Game of Shots Review

As far as I can see there isn’t any other games like Game of Shots on the market. Most other apps are either card games or lists of drinking games you need to get cards or dice to play. So the convenience of this app alone is worth checking out.

Most of the games are fairly simple (which is a good thing if you’re a few beers into the night already). Flipping coins, drawing cards, playing minesweeper. All of it is stuff basically anyone could understand and jump into which is great.

Overall I’d recommend this app to anyone really. It’s such a small download and easy to use that there’s really no reason not to try it out. Plus it looks like they often add new fun games to the mix every once in a while so it’s got a ton of replay value. A great companion to any party where you’re looking to break the ice and have some fun.