How To Play The Frozen Drinking Game

The Ultimate Frozen Drinking Game

This drinking game is for the Disney smash hit Frozen. We do realize this is a kids move, and no, that shouldn’t stop you from getting loaded. So grab an extra frosty beverage and get ready for the frozen drinking game! This game works with any number of players you want, hell you could even play alone if you’re lonely enough.

What You’ll Need

The movie Frozen and a drink or two of choice.


All you gotta do is follow the drinking rules and you should be good to do. You’ll be drinking for all the constantly reoccuring themes like the closing of doors, Olaf’s limbs falling off and people talking about love. Plus players will have to take a big chug when the Elsa’s tagline “conceal don’t feel” comes up.

Frozen Drinking Game Rule

Take a Sip Whenever Any of the Following Things Happen

  • Anna spins (This happens so many times during all the songs)
  • Elsa freezes something or creates ice
  • Anyone says “Let It Go”
  • A piece of Olaf falls off
  • Anna talks to herself
  • Sven tries to bite Olaf’s nose
  • Anna mentions love or being in love
  • A door closes or slams (or someone talks about doors closing)
  • Anyone mentions chocolate to any capacity

Take a Big Chug Whenever Anyone Says

  • Conceal Don’t Feel (This comes up a few times during the movie when Elsa says it, and early on when her parents are teaching her that phrase.)

The Frozen Drinking Game is a great way to keep you warm in this Christmas season. Or any time of the year really. But be warned it can be a lot of drinking with how often some of these rules come up. So please make sure to mind your limits and please drink responsibly. If you feel like you’ve had enough stop or take a break.