Four Christmases Drinking Game

Four Christmases Drinking Game -

The Four Christmases drinking has players drinking to this holiday movie. It flows a little different than the average movie because the whole movie seems to centralize over the idea that visiting your family on Christmas day will ruin your life.

Brad and Kate are on their way to a fiji vacation when they slowly come to the startling realization that their flight is canceled and they’ll have to celebrate four separate Christmases with their dysfunctional families. Haunted by the idea of commitment they struggle their way through 4 brutal family encounters. So you can see why a few drinks might help you watch Brad and Kate struggle to keep their sloppy lives in one piece.



The film 4 Christmases and drinks



Players will be drinking for all the common character tropes in this movie.


Four Christmases Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • You hear Brad’s real name
  • Brad and Kate kiss
  • Brad says something sarcastic to Kate
  • Denver or Dallas hit Brad
  • Brad doesn’t take Kate seriously and tries to make light of the situation
  • Kate mentions or holds a baby
  • You hear a Christmas tune
  • Someone makes a sexual comment towards Brad’s mom
  • Kate’s mom mentions Jesus
  • Brad’s dad insults Brad


Take 3 drinks when

Kate and brad decide to take a break or get back together


Additional Rule

Drink once every time one of the characters reminds you of someone you know. And yes, this can be yourself.


As far as drinking games go this one is pretty light so maybe grab something a little heavier like a thick cup of holiday nog. The most recurring thing in this Brad’s constant sarcasm. Plus Brad tends to trivialize any situation when it’s getting dangerously close to a commitment. Overall the Four Christmases drinking game makes for the perfect holiday event for that dysfunctional family that you hate to love.