Flip Pong Rules – Beer Pong and Flip Cup Combined

Flip Pong (or Flong as it’s commonly known) is a mix of beer pong and flip cup. It’s a team drinking game where participants try to sink all their cups before the opposing team can do the same. Pretty simple on the surface yet extremely competitive.

What You’ll Need To Play Flong

A stack of cups and 1 ping pong ball per team. Make sure players break up into even teams. Flong is most commonly played 2 vs 2.

Setting It Up

Each of the 4 players stands at one corner of a rectangular table. Team mates should be across from each other long ways. So that each end of the table has 1 player from each team next to each other.

Next take 4 cups and put them in a straight line in front of each player. They are in charge of putting a full beer or mixed drink into those 4 cups. Once that’s set up the game is ready to start.

Flip Pong Drinking Game Rules

Unlike beer pong this is a game of speed so once it begins don’t be afraid to shoot as fast as you can to beat out the other team. The aim of the game is to throw your teams ping pong ball into your teammates cups and vice versa.

Whenever a cup is sank whoever it belonged to must chug it and then flip it. When it’s empty place it on the edge of the table and try to flick it onto the opposite side to get a successful flips. You can take as many tries as you want but remember you might be wasting precious time and allowing the opposition to catch up. Once this is done the game can resume.

First team to successfully sink and flip every cup wins the game of Flip Pong. When one player runs out of cups to shoot at they simply toss the ball back to their team mate whenever they get it.