The Family Guy Drinking Game

Family Guy Drinking Game -

The Family Guy Drinking Game follows the infamously long running cartoon Family Guy. Peter Griffin is your average family guy. That is to say if your average family guy was a fat idiot with a talking dog and genius baby boy. Follow the Griffin family and their friends as they live their daily lives or go on wacky adventures. There isn’t any real plot here, mostly just social commentary or satirical style humor with a lot of cutaways. Family guy uses mostly similar styles of humor and tone throughout it’s many seasons, making it perfect to pick up and drink to at any point in the series.


The cartoon Family Guy and drinks


Players will be drinking whenever any of the tropes of the family members and their friends occur. As well other common occurrences within the show.

Family Guy Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Peter is an idiot
  • Bryan sells out or tries to act intelligent.
  • Meg is made fun of.
  • Chris is awkward or childish
  • Stewie uses a device or questions his sexuality.
  • Lois gets mad or vaguely mentions her sketchy past.
  • Quagmire goes “Giggity Giggity” or makes a sexual joke.
  • A joke is made about Joe being unable to walk.
  • Whenever a cutaway occurs.
  • Someone drinks.

Optional Rule:

  • If any player is able to spot out a reference that is made during the show and call it out, he gets to choose 1 player to have to take a drink.

By now most everyone is familiar with Family Guy. Peter, along with the rest of the family, all have their unique quirks and inside jokes that make for an easy show to drink along with. Almost every character in this show will have you drinking a few times each episode. Combine that with cutaways to jokes every other minute and you have the perfect storm. Good laughs and a few drinks are bound to happen in the Family Guy Drinking Game. Please just don’t become an alcoholic like Peter.