Egg Roulette Drinking Game

The Russian Egg Roulette Drinking Game - the

The Egg Roulette Drinking Game is based around Jimmy Fallon’s popular “Egg Russian Roulette” segment. Except this time it incorporates copious amounts of drinking. This version can support any number of players but 2-6 works best.

What You’ll Need

A carton or so of eggs and the means to hard boil them. As well as drinks for every player. Might want to get some paper towels ready too to clean the inevitable mess.

Setting up the game

First you’ll want to boil every egg in a carton except for one of them. Then place them all in the carton being careful to not know which one is which.

Russian Egg Roulette Drinking Game Rules

Turn order in this game is clockwise.

On a players turn they grab any egg out of the carton and smash it on their head. If it’s a hard boiled egg they’re safe and the next player goes.

However if the egg explodes and is not the hard boiled egg, they lose the game. Another player must give them a beer for their distress and they should go clean up. They are now out of the game and the round is complete.

This game plays in multiple rounds until only one player remains. Just remember to always include a bunch of hard boiled eggs and one non hard boiled one. This may require more hard boiling as the game goes on.


The Russian Egg Roulette Drinking Game is hilarious but make sure to do it somewhere that’s easy to clean. Because this game can and WILL make a mess. As always please make sure to drink responsibly and avoid over consumption of alcohol.