Drunken Ducklings

Drunken Ducklings is a free drinking board game app designed by Joep Eijkemans. In this game, each player has a little yellow duckling that bounces around the board, landing on different squares and competing in different challenges.

A true party game that can be tailored to your specific group. With a lot of randomly generated elements and a fully customizable set of categories, you can never be sure what exactly is about to happen. A great game for fun drinking nights.

How To Play

First things first, in order to play you’ll need to download the App which is free on the google play store.

Once that’s done, setup is rather easy. Simply hit “new game” then select the amount of players that will be in the game. From there you can choose to exclude certain categories to your groups choosing. When everything is set, hit the Start button and the game will board will be generated.

On each players turn they roll the die, and then watch their little duckling stumble over to the corresponding space on the board. Each space has a different category that can involve various drinking challenges throughout the game.

Space Types

Group: Group cards ask the entire group a question, and everyone that’s done that thing drinks. Things like “Everyone who has ever stole alcohol from their parents drinks twice” or “Everyone who has a twitter accounts drinks”.

Category: Category cards give the group a specific category. Then players take turns saying something that fits that category, and the first player who can’t think of one or repeats one has to drink. Some fun categories include “Nicholas Cage Movies” or “Types of Tea”.

Dance: Dance cards are for those who want to boogie. Usually the cards ask you to do a specific dance like “Do the Moonwalk” or drink for chickening out.

Sexy: Sexy cards are a little risque so make sure to only include this category if the group is comfortable with it. It’s a lot of “strip or drink” cards, or sexual group dares like “Take a body shot off the closest player”.

Time: Time cards are long lasting cards that go over multiple rounds. Usually game rules for specific players like “Before every drink you have to moan” or “Pick a partner, every time they drink so do you”.

Default: These are mostly standard drinking cards that just keep the alcohol flowing. Things like “drink 2” or “make someone else drink”. There’s also a number of personal dare cards mixed in here.

Throw Again: Pretty self explanatory. These spaces simply allow the player to roll again and move forward to another space.

Miss a Turn: Also self explanatory. Avoid these spaces if you want to keep your precious turn.


This cute pixel graphics game is a labor of love. With a customizable set of categories and custom generated boards, there’s tons of reasons to come back and play again.

Drunken Ducklings contains a lot of RNG elements, which I believe is a good thing for party games. It means you’ll never be stuck playing the same game twice, and that you never know who is going to get the short end of the stick and wind up losing a bunch of drinking challenges.

A really fun element of this game is the ability to “up the odds”. Whenever someone cycles the board they can then choose to up the amount of drinking that happens when players avoid challenges. What this means is that as the game progresses, and players get a little tipsy, more people end up going for the challenges to avoid heavy drinking penalties. Which is a really fun way to balance for those who tend to avoid the mini games.

Overall Drunken Ducklings is a great experience. Simple enough that anyone can understand, with enough variety that it’s worth playing again and again.