Drunco – The Bunco Drinking Game

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We decided to make some fun drinking rules for Bunco. For those that have never played it, it’s a dice game where 12 people compete to win the most games at the head table. So it’s a great dice game for larger groups.

Our Bunco drinking game uses all the base rules to Bunco and adds in some drinking rules. So if you’re already familiar with the rules of Bunco then you can go ahead and skip the “how to play” section and go straight to our drinking rules. The game itself is all based on luck so it makes for a great drinking game.

What You’ll Need

3 tables, 12 dice, 6 pads of paper and pencils. Plus some drinks and a bottle of something stronger for the loser to take a shot of.

How To Play Bunco

The goal of bunco is for you and your team mate to get the most points and move up to the head table. The game takes place over 6 rounds. There are 3 tables sorted by ranking. The head table, the middle table and the losers table.

To set up put 4 players at each table. Split into teams of two. Team mates should sit across from each other. Give 1 team mate on each team a paper and pencil and 4 dice. everyone roll to decide which table they end up, lowest at the losers and highest at the head)

Once the game is set up the head table starts the game by yelling “GO!”.

Now it’s a mad dash to get the more points than the opposing team at your table. Players take turns rolling the 4 dice and trying to get points. Points are earned by rolling the number equal to the round. (1 on round 1, 2 on round 2, etc…). You also earn 5 points if you get 3-of-a-kind. You also get a full 21 points if you get 3-of-a-kind matching the round number.

Dice are passed clockwise. So each turn should be passed to the opposing team. Players continue to accumulate points and keep score on their cards.

The round ends when a team at the head table reaches 21 points. They must yell “Stop!”.

Everyone tally up your points. If you had less than your opponents mark yourself 1 loss, otherwise mark a win.

At the end of each round the losers move down a table and the winners move up a table. (head > middle > losers). Then the next round begins. The game continues for a total of 6 rounds and then whoever had the most Wins is the winner. If it’s a tie feel free to do a 1on1 tie breaker round.

Drunco – The Bunco Drinking Game Rules

  • Loss at the head table = 1 sip
  • Loss at the middle table = 1 sip per round (so 1 sip on round 1, 2 on round 2, etc…)
  • Loss at the losers table = 1 shot of the hard alcohol

After each round the winning team at the head table can walk around and choose 1 person to have to finish their drink. They can lift everyone’s drinks to choose who to make finish their drink.

Also at the end of the game drink for each of your losses.

Party Fouls

If you drop a die off the table both you and your partner need to take a sip.

If you spill your drink you must take a sip and clean it up.

If you drop your paper then your teammate must chug until you get it back on the table.


Drunco the bunco drinking game is a great way to infuse to drinks into a great luck based dice game. If you wanted more dice rolling games check out our dice game collection.