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Drop Cup, A New Twist on a Classic Drinking Game

Drop Cup Drinking Game Review by

Drop Cup is a ball rolling game that aims to revolutionize the way party games are played. A fun rolling pong game that’s great for kids and adults alike!

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This is one of those games that you can almost completely understand just from the image on the front of the box, but you’ll want to play it a few times to really experience how fun it can be.

How To Play Drop Cup

The great thing about this game is that if you know how to play beer pong, you’ll already know how to play this game. For those that don’t we’ll go over the rules briefly.

First you want to decide if you’re going to play one-on-one or two-on-two. Either way each team gets 5 cups (4 regular and 1 drop cup) and 5 clips.

Teams stand at opposite ends of a table and set up their clips in the following formation at the end of the table. 2 large clips, 1 small clip, 2 large clips. Then drop the matching cups into the holes.

Now player’s should decide what type of drinking or betting rules they want to play with (if any). For drinking rules we used 1 sip for the large cups and 5 sips for the small drop cup.

Now the game is ready to begin. A quick round of rock-paper-scissors decides who starts. Teams take turns trying to roll the ball across the table and into the opponents cups on the other end. When a cup is sank it’s removed from the table.

First team to sink all their opponents cups wins the game!

Drop Cup Review

On the surface there isn’t a whole lot to review about this game, since it’s pretty much exactly as advertised. It works great and offers a fun new way to play beer pong.

One thing I will say is that you really want an even playing surface for this game. The quality of the components is really nice, the clips work well and stick to the table very well. It takes mere moments to set up and get playing, which is a great quality in a party game.

We ended up playing this game most of the night, probably a dozen or so games in total and everyone had a blast with it. A nice advantage this game has is that you can play it almost anywhere as long as there’s a clippable surface.

I’d recommend Drop Cup to anyone who loves beer pong or dexterity games in general, it’s a ton of fun over a few beers. We never got around to trying the money betting version, but I’m sure that’s a blast too. Since this game is pretty cheap and fits comfortably in a small box, it’s a great portable game to bring to any party.