A Drinking Guide for Las Vegas


Partying in Vegas is a no-brainer. This playground of the USA is home to the Mecca of gambling venues providing all-night entertainment. But it is not just about blackjack and slot games. Vegas is also home to some of the biggest celebrity acts on the planet.

Singers, magicians and dancers are in residence here throughout the year – and their tickets are hotter than the desert this playground was built on. Of course, there are some fantastic drinking establishments to enjoy as well…

What Are The Best Vegas Bars?

The bars in Vegas are a collection of unique venues offering different drinks, atmospheres – and suitable for all different budgets. You can kick back in a blues bar, enjoy a romantic evening in a dimly lit whiskey joint, or immerse yourself into a loud boisterous sports bar. Whatever your order, you’ll find it in Vegas.

Some of the best bars in Las Vegas include Parasol Up Parasol Down, Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Bar , Fat Tuesday and House of Blues! You’ll also find great cocktails and the best drinks inside the casinos and hotel bars. But if you want to escape the gambling scene for a few hours, these are places every Vegas first-timer should try!

What Are The Most Ordered Drinks In Vegas?

Although there is no concrete data on the subject, people who work in Vegas bars or head there for many vacations have realized that gamblers and party-goers tend to order the same drinks. Some of the most popular drinks in Vegas include:

  • · Vodka and energy drinks/tonic
  • · Martini (just like Bond!)
  • · Vodka and cranberry
  • · Whiskey (a gambler’s classic!)
  • · Rum and coke
  • · Cocktails (mostly cosmopolitans, long islands and screwdrivers)

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Vegas is a shining beacon of the party scene every month of the year. However, lots of travelers choose to visit between March and May or between September and November.

They do this not because it’s cheaper to fly (deals can be found continuously) but because the weather is a little more moderate and comfortable. Don’t forget that Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert!

You may also want to plan your trip around a big Vegas event, such as one of the many boxing matches that take place. Just be prepared to pay a little more if you are coming to watch the fight (or try to avoid these times if you are not!).

Europeans under 21? Hold up!

If you are not from the USA but want to visit Las Vegas from Europe, South America or Asia, there is one thing you need to be aware of. The legal drinking age in Las Vegas is 21, so even if you’re used to chugging back beers and sipping cocktails in your hometown, you might have to wait a few years before booking your flight.

The gambling age is also 21 in Vegas. If you are under 21, maybe it is best to save your money for now and play some drinking card games at home with friends instead.