28 Best Drinking Games With Cards Everyone Should Know

Sometimes your hangout can reach a standstill while everyone fiddles with their phones wondering what to do next. That’s why knowing the best drinking card games can be a great way to kick-start a party and get people talking.

But with so many different drinking games with cards it can be hard to decide exactly which game to play. That’s why we decided to list some of our favorites.

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2 Player Card Games

Bus Driver

In this game players alternate between being the bus driver and the bus rider. The driver deals out the cards, and the rider does all the drinking.

Once the cards are dealt, the rider must guess if the next card in line will be higher or lower. If they are correct they continue to flip. However if they get it wrong they must drink and add 4 new face down cards to the line. This continues until the rider makes it to the end of the line and then roles switch.

Wasted War

Wasted war is a simple drinking twist on the classic game of War. In this game every turn both players flip a card and the higher card gets to take both and put them on the bottom of their deck. Whenever players tie they add 3 face down cards to the pot each and then flip to see who wins them all.

Whenever a player has the lower card, they must drink. If a tie happens then the loser of the next flip drinks 5 times.

This game goes until one player is completely out of cards. They must finish their drink.

Across The River

Accross the River is another drinking game where someone tries to make it from one end of the board to the other without messing up.

Players take turns crossing the river. On a players turn they flip the card on the left side of the diamond hoping not to get a face card or an ace. If it’s not then they flip a card from the second row, then the third, then fourth and then finally the fifth.

If a player can successfully cross the river without flipping any face cards or aces then they get to take a break while the other player attempts to do the same.

However if any face cards are flipped the river crosser must drink accordingly and restart. Jack is drink once, Queen is drink twice, King is drink three times and Ace is drink four times. This continues until a player makes it all the way across in one go.

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Drink It Dinkus

Drink It Dinkus is a simple guessing game of our own creation. The goal of this game is to guess what you’re card is by asking the right questions.

The deck is shuffled and one player is chosen as the guesser. They place a card on their forehead facing outwards without knowing what it is. They must now try to figure out the exact value and suit of the card by asking yes or no questions.

Questions can be anything such as “is it higher than a 3?” or “is it a black card?”. Every time the guesser asks a question they must drink. When the guesser thinks they have it they can guess the exact card. Once they get it they pass the deck to the next player. If ever a player asks 7 questions without getting the correct card they must finish their drink.

3 Player Drinking Games With Cards

Naked Greased Up Monkey

Naked Greased Up Monkey is one of the more creative games on this list. The objective of the game is to push the center card off the table, by using cards in your hand to move it in certain directions. When it falls off the table whoever it fell closest to must drink the number on the card.

Once the “monkey” is placed face down in the center of the table and each player receives a hand of three cards someone can start the game. Players take turns playing cards, doing the required action and then replenishing their hand to 3 cards.

Ace to 5: Move the monkey a number of card lengths equal to the number played. The direction depends on the suit.

  • Hearts: Up
  • Diamonds: Down
  • Spades: Left
  • Clubs: Right

6-10: These cards do nothing.

Jack: Drink once

Queen: Player to the left drinks

King: Player to the right drinks

Smoke Or Fire

One of the easiest drinking games out there. The objective of Smoke or Fire is simply to guess if the next card will be smoke (black card) or fire (red card).

On a players turn they guess Smoke or Fire. If they’re wrong they drink and then their turn is over. If they’re correct they choose to either give out one sip or “double down”. If they double down they double the drink value for the next card and go again. A player can double down as many times as they want during their turn. But be careful, it might backfire!

Egyptian Rat Screw

Egyptian Rat Screw is sort of a combination of War and Slaps. The aim of the game is to collect all the cards from the other players and hopefully not lose any of your own.

Players take turn flipping the top card of their deck into the center, until certain cards come up.

  • 2s and 4s: The next player drinks twice. if they flip another 2 or 4 they add 2 drinks and pass it to the next player.
  • 7: The next player must guess if the next card is higher or lower. If they’re wrong they drink.
  • 10: Last player to put their thumb on the table drinks.
  • Jack: The next player gets 1 flip to get a face card. if they don’t get it then the previous player claims all the cards in the middle.
  • Queen: Like the jack but the next player gets 2 flips.
  • King: Like the jack but the next player gets 3 flips.
  • Ace: Like the jack but the next player gets 4 flips.
  • Jack Of Clubs: Same as the regular jack, except if the next player doesn’t get a face card they must pound back their drink.

Crazy Drunken Eights

This one is a simply adds some fun drinking rules to Crazy Eights. Crazy eights is a game where players take turns playing a card into the center that must match the number or suit of the previous card. If they don’t have a matching one they must pick up a new card. First player to run out of cards wins the game.

  • Ace: Skip the next players turn.
  • 2: The next player picks up 2.
  • 8: Can be played any time, you get to choose the suit.
  • Whenever you draw a card, drink.
  • Whenever you play a wild card, make another player drink.
  • Whenever your turn is skipped, drink.
  • When someone wins the game everyone drinks once for each card in hand


This 3 player drinking card game is one of precision and speed. In addition to the deck of cards you’re also going to need something to slap in the center of the table to act as the buzzer.

Each turn the acting player flips a single card from the deck and places it in front of them (replacing any card that was there).

Whenever a card is flipped, if anyone has a card that matches that card in suit or number they must yell “buzz!” and quickly slap the buzzer. Last player to slap who was supposed to drinks and earns 1 point.

At the end of the game, when the deck runs out of cards, whoever has the most points must down a full drink.

4 Player Drinking Card Games

White Elephant

In this game the goal is to get rid of the effigy as quickly as possible. The effigy can be any object in the room as long as it’s something you can pass around the table.

Each person is dealt 3 cards and the effigy is given to the starting player. On a players turn they simply play a card then draw a new one to replace it. The cards have different effects based on the suit.

  • Club: Whoever has the effigy drinks
  • Heart: Skip the next players turn
  • Diamond: Whoever played the diamond drinks
  • Spade: Pass the effigy to the right if you have it

There’s also some special cards

  • Jack: Whoever has the effigy discards a card and does not replace it
  • Queen: Everyone drinks
  • King: Turn order is reversed
  • Ace: Player with the effigy must finish their drink
  • Joker: Finish your own drink

When the deck runs out shuffle the discarded cards and keep playing. Whenever a player runs out of cards they are eliminated from the game. Last player with cards remaining wins the game!

Beer 99

In this game the goal is to get the value of the center pile to exactly 99. Whoever accomplishes that task wins the game.

Players take turns playing cards from their hand and adding that value to the total in the middle. Ace is worth 1 and King is worth 13.

Special cards

  • 4: Pass your turn, don’t add any value to the center
  • 10: This card minuses 10 from the value
  • King: Play from your hand to pass drinking responsibilities to another player at the table

Whenever the total value of the pile ends in 9, everyone drinks.

When someone reaches 99, every other player finishes their drink.

Screw Your Neighbor

If you’re looking to deal out some cards and do some drinking than this is your game. The aim of the game is to not have the lowest card at the table.

Each player is dealt one card, then play starts to the left of the dealer and goes clockwise. On a players turn their can choose to either keep their card, or swap it with the next players card clockwise. Ace is low and King is high.

If a player is dealt a King they may immediately flip it over. This card cannot be swapped with.

The last turn is the dealers. They may only swap with a random card from the deck.

Once everyone has played each player flips their card, and the player with the lowest card finishes their drink.

Horse Race

This fun betting game will have you feeling like you’re right at the tracks. In Horse Race everyone picks a horse (represented by card suits) and hopes that their steed crosses the line first.

After the game is set up, each player picks one suit and bets a number of drinks on it. Then the dealer starts flipping cards. Whenever a card is flipped move the horse of the corresponding suit forward 1 card length. Continue until one horse crosses the finish line.

Whoever bet on that horse may give out drinks equal to their bet. Everyone who bet incorrectly must drink equal to their bet.

Bet Your Liver

Bet your liver is exactly as intense as it sounds, especially if you’re overconfident.

Each turn one player pours any amount of their drink into the center mug, and then guesses “red” or “black”. Then the card is flipped. If they were right then the next player goes, if they were wrong they must drink everything in the cup. This game works best if everyone is drinking the same beverage.


Much like Black Jack, the aim of 31 is to get as close to that number without going over. Each player has a hand of 3 cards that they must try to swap out with the top card or a random card of the deck until they are close to 31.

On a players turn they draw a single card. They can do this randomly from the deck, or draw the top card of the discard pile. At the end of their turn they must then discard 1 card to the top of the discard pile. Aces are worth 11. 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are all worth 10.

When someone thinks they have the closest to 31, they knock on the table. Everyone now gets 1 more turn and then the game ends and everyone reveals their cards. Whoever is closest wins, and anyone who was under drinks.

If ever anyone gets exactly 31 they can flip their cards. They automatically win and everyone drinks.

If a player busts (goes over 31), they must reveal their cards and drink 5 times.


This game is purely about luck and hoping that your cards don’t match anyone else’s. This is one of the heaviest card drinking games on this list so be careful.

What happens is each turn a player is dealt a new card face-up to replace their last one. If that card happens to match someone else’s face up card then both player must drink for a number of seconds equal to the value of the card. (ace is 1, kind is 13).

The game ends when the deck is run out. Or players agree that enough is enough.

Red, Black, High, Low

This is a guessing game for 4 or more players where the objective is simply to guess whether the next card will be black or red, and if it will be higher or lower than the previous card.

On a players turn they are given 1 card face up. They then have to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than that card, and if it will be red or black.

If they’re correct they guess again. If they’re incorrect they drink and their turn is over.

If a player manages to guess 3 times in a row correctly, they end their turn but the next player must drink an additional 3 times if they get it wrong. This can keep on accumulating until someone is left drinking a hefty amount.

5+ Player Card Drinking Games


Flip the cards, do the actions, drink some drinks. That’s Kings in a nutshell. Each card does something different which usually results in one or more people drinking.

Each turn one player draws a card and then does the following action depending on what they drew.

  • Ace: “Waterfall“. Everyone start chugging! nobody can put their drink down until the player to their left does.
  • Two: Choose a player to drink once.
  • Three: The drawer drinks once.
  • Four: Last player to touch the floor drinks.
  • Five: Guys drink.
  • Six: Girls drink.
  • Seven: Last player to raise their hand drinks.
  • Eight: “Never have I ever”. Whoever draws this states something they have never done, anyone who has done that thing drinks.
  • Nine: “Bust a rhyme“. Whoever draws this picks any word. Then in turn players try to rhyme with that word. If someone fails to come up with a rhyme they must drink and the game is done.
  • Ten: “Story time”. Whoever draws this card starts a story by saying 3 words. Then in turn each player adds one word to the story after repeating the whole tale. Whoever messes up first drinks.
  • Jack: “Categories“. The player who drew this cards picks a category. Then in tur each player must name something that fits within that category. The player who messes up drinks.
  • Queen: “Questions”. Whoever drew this card must ask someone a question. Then the person who was asked that question must respond with a question and direct it at another player. First player to fail to ask a question or who accidentally directs a question at the same player that asked last drinks.
  • King: Make a game rule. Anyone who breaks the rule drinks.

The game ends when the fourth king is drawn.

Screw The Dealer

This is a guessing game that typically ends up screwing over one player in particular. Players take turns guessing which card the dealer is holding, and the dealer attempts to get 3 people to guess incorrectly in a row.

One player is chosen to start as the dealer. The dealer takes a secret look at the top card and then asks the player to their left what they think it is.

If the guesser is correct on their first guess, the dealer must take 5 sips. If the guesser is incorrect the dealer must say if the card they’re holding is higher or lower. Then the guesser takes their second and final guess. If they’re correct on the second guess the dealer drinks 5 times, if they’re incorrect they must drink equal to the difference of their guess and the actual card.

The dealer continues dealing to each player in turn. The only way they can pass the deck to the next player is to get 3 people to guess incorrectly in a row.

After each turn the card that was being guessed is placed face up on the table. So as the game goes on the guessers can clearly see which cards are not in the deck, making it easier to screw over the dealer.


Pyramid is a great game for spiteful people. In this game cards are gradually flipped and anyone with matching cards can make the other players drink.

Once the pyramid is laid out on the table and players have their hand of cards the game can begin. Starting with the bottom row cards are flipped one by one.

If anyone has a card with the matching number in their hand they can play it in front of another player and that player must drink.

Each row of cards causes more drinking than the last. So 1 on the first row, all the way to 5 on the 5th row. Be careful who you target, because they just might be saving up for a counter attack at the end.

Suck Me

This is definitely a game you want to play with people who know each other well. Or at least people who want to know each other well.

The objective is to suction a playing card to your lips and pass it along to another players lips without anyone dropping it. It’s about as intimate as a card game can get.

To start one player grabs a card, reveals it to the group, then suctions it to their mouth. They must then attempt to pass it to the next players mouth clockwise. This continue until someone messes up and drops the card. Whoever messed up must must drink for a number of seconds equal to the value of the card.

Ring Of Fire

This is a great drinking game for larger groups. In this game you need to draw cards and then balance them delicately on top of a glass.

Fill a cup with beer and then use the cards to form a circle around the cup. Players then take turns drawing cards. Red cards mean they take sips equal to the number, Black cards they give out that many.

Whenever someone draws a card they must then place it on top of the glass in the middle. At least 2 corners of the card must be hanging off the side. If any cards fall off then that player must drink for each card that fell.

Additionally anyone who breaks the ring by drawing a card that leaves a gap in the circle must drink.

Knight Of The Round Table

Like a twisted game of drunken roulette. This game involves as many types of drinks as you can muster. Beer, wine, whiskey, orange juice, milk, whatever you can get.

To start each drink is placed around the edges of the table. Then a card is placed in front of each beverage. Make sure that each card placed in front of something is a different number.

Now to play the game each player takes turns drawing a card from the remaining deck. If it matches the number of a beverage, they must drink it. If it doesn’t they get to set up a new one for that number. This continues until the deck has run out.

High Card Drinks Low Card

This game is exactly as simple as it sounds. Everyone draws a card and prays that their card isn’t the highest at the table.

Each turn each player flips the top card of their deck. Whoever has the highest card loses. (ace is low). They must drink for a number of seconds equal to what the lowest card at the table was. If it’s a tie both players must drink. If the lowest card is tied, then the highest card must drink double.

Irish Poker

This game takes place in two unique phases. The guessing phase and the drinking phase. First each player is dealt 4 cards which they aren’t allowed to look at.

In turn the dealer asks each player what color their first card will be. Reveal the cards, and everyone who was wrong drinks. Next each player guesses whether their next card will be higher or lower than the first, anyone who is wrong drinks. For the third card players will be guessing if the card is “in between” the values of their first cards or “outside”. For the final cards players guess which suit the card will be.

One all players have revealed their cards then the real drinking game can start.

One by one the dealer flips over the 4 cards in the top row of cards. Anyone with the first card drinks once, second card drinks twice, third drinks three times, and fourth drinks 4 times.

Then the bottom row is flipped, and it plays the same as the top row except players will be assigning their drinks to other players instead.

Captain Dickhead

This is a great drinking card game that works best with a large crowd. All players have to do is flip cards and do the required action. Until one player becomes Captain Dickhead and can make or break any rule they want.

This game requires some kind of hat to signify who the almighty Dickhead is. Players take turns in a clockwise order flipping cards and doing different tasks.

  • Ace: Whoever draws this becomes the Dickhead and must dawn the hat. They don’t have to follow any game rules. They don’t even need to draw if they don’t want. They can also make anyone else drink at any time. Basically they’re a ruthless dictator until someone else gets and Ace and steals their power.
  • 2-5: Drink the number on the card if it’s black, give that many if it’s red.
  • 6: Guys drink
  • 7: Girls drink
  • 8: You drink
  • 9: Last player to touch the floor drinks
  • 10: Last player to raise their hand drinks
  • Jack: Cheers! Everyone drinks
  • Queen: Categories. Come up with a category and players take turns saying something unique that fits in that category. Whoever messes up drinks.
  • King: Create a game rule. anyone who breaks it drinks.


In this game the only goal is to not have the lowest card at the table. Players swap cards hoping to end up with a higher one until one player is eliminated and must chug a drink.

The dealer dishes out one card face down to each player. Play starts to the left of the dealer then goes clockwise.

On a players turn they must simply choose to keep their card or swap it with the next player clockwise.

The dealer is the last to act every round. They choose to either keep the card or swap it with a randomly drawn card from the deck.

Once everyone is player everyone flips their card. Whoever had the lowest card (ace is low), must chug a full drink. They are also eliminated from the game for the next round.

Rounds are played until only one player remains. The dealer should rotate each round if possible.


This one is as close to just flipping cards and getting drunk as you can get. The game of Potluck simply involves drawing cards, taking sips, giving out sips, filling out a glass or necking the whole thing.

Each turn one person flips a card. If the card is black they take a sip of their drink. If it’s red they pour one sip into the central glass. There’s a few special rule cards too.

  • Jack: Finish what’s left of your drink.
  • Queen: Nothing at all happens. Hurray!
  • King: Choose another player to chug their drink.
  • Ace: Drink whatever is in the center mug.

Did we miss your favorite drinking card games? We’ll chances are we have it in our drinking game list. If not feel free to contact us and let us know.

With so many drinking games with cards out there it can be hard to decide which one to try out. It’s always best to read the room and see what people are in the mood for. Whichever one you decide to play please always remember to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.