Drinking Goggles Drinking Game Rules

The Drinking Goggles drinking game is one of the sillier ones around. It’s a vocal game in which players pretend they are wearing goggles and pass the turn around to other players. Be careful though because anyone playing can try to fake you out to make you act out of turn and lose the game. This works with anywhere from 4-10 players.

What You’ll Need

Since this is only a vocal game all you’ll need is some drinks and a bit of imagination.

Drinking Goggles Drinking Game Rules

This game is kicked off by someone saying “Who want’s to play drinking goggles?” and then making goggles over top of their eyes with their thumb and pointer fingers.

Anyone who wishes to join the game does the same while making a “whoosh” noise.

Once it’s decided who’s in the game you’re ready to begin. Whoever initiated the game starts it off. They can do one of three things.

  1. Pretending to drop their left goggle while making a “boop” noise passes play to the left.
  2. Pretending to drop their right goggle while making a “whoop” noise passes play to the right.
  3. Pretending to drop both goggles while making a “boosh” noise passes play to whoever they point to.

Alternatively someone can fake it by making the wrong noise or action. If the next player goes without catching them they lose the game and need to take a big swig of their drink. However they can catch them by saying they did it wrong, causing them to drink.


The drinking goggles drinking game goes by a few names such as Beer Goggles or Chicken Goggles. Rules tend to vary depending who you ask as well. Please make sure to always drink responsibly and arrange yourself a safe ride home.