DRINKILL – An Upcoming Epic Drinking Board Game

A recent drinking game that has popped up on our radar is the board game DRINKILL. This one is a fully functional drinking board game that is set to start funding through Kickstarter in November, 2018. Now what peaked our interest about this game is the awesome artstyle and the fact that it uses multiple character classes to blend board gaming and drinking games.


From what we can gather DRINKILL is a little more than just a run of the mill drinking game.

The objective of the game is fairly simple. Make it from the start of the board to the end of it and hopefully don’t get too trashed on the way there. There’s a variety of different spaces you can land on to make things a little more interesting or cause people to get their drink-on.

To add to the excitement of the game everyone gets their own character complete with their own character icon and special power to help them get the edge and make it to the end first.

Plus there’s an array of Item Cards that allow you to mess with your opponents in fun ways like making them take shots or issuing challenges.

Where Can You Support This Game?

You can visit their official site at for all the information you’ll need.

If you’re looking to sink your teeth a little deeper and check out some progress updates and awesome artwork check out their Instagram Page.

Lastly don’t forget to support DRINKILL on their Kickstarter page once it opens up! Not only will they bring you some great stretch goals and special packages for backers but the first day of the Kickstarter offers a discount for all backers.