Dominion Drinking Game Rules

Dominion Drinking Game by

Looking to add some fun drinking rules to your next game night? Our Dominion drinking game is a great way to infuse a bit of tom-foolery into the evening. Since each round only takes 20-30 minutes it makes for a great drinking game.

Dominion is considered the grand-dad of deck building games. It inspired a whole genre of card games. The way it works is each player starts with the same set of ten cards and then buys new cards to include in their deck, hoping to get more Victory Points than the other players. This hectic deck building game is easy to understand but hard to master, which is another reason it pairs well with a few drinks.

What You’ll Need to Play

To play this drinking game all you’ll need is some friends, a copy of Dominion and some drinks. This also works with all of the expansions as well. This can also be played with Dominion’s free online app if you don’t want to risk spilling all over your precious cards.

Dominion Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever…

  • You gain a curse card
  • You trash a card (even if it’s a card you didn’t want)
  • You don’t buy anything on your turn
  • An opponent buys a province
  • You’re forced to discard a card from your hand

Assign a drink to someone else whenever…

  • You buy a gold
  • You buy a duchy
  • You draw a 5 coin hand within your first two turns
  • You come in first place at the end of the game

Finish your drink if…

  • You finish the game with less than 9 points
  • You draw a hand with no coins or actions in it

This Dominion drinking game is great for a quick drink or two. With all the randomness that can occur in Dominion you can be sure that everyone will be drinking. If you’re feeling like these rules are a bit too intense feel free to remove a couple rules.