The Die Hard Drinking Game

Die Hard Drinking Game

The Die Hard Drinking Game has players drinking to the original Die Hard movie. This movie follows John McClane as he goes to visit his wife and kids for Christmas Eve. This routine trip quickly goes awry as a terror cell takes over the building and McClane decides to take on the entire group by himself. Not your typical plot for a Christmas movie.

Being one of the only Action/Christmas movies I can think of, Die Hard makes for the perfect drinking game around the holiday season. So grab a few drinks, maybe a cup of egg-nog, and get ready to get drunk and watch John kick some holiday ass.



The first Die Hard movie and drinks.



Players will be drinking when one of the many action movie tropes happen during this film. Additionally players will finish their drinks when John McClane utters his iconic catch phrase “Yippee-Kai-Yay motherfucker!”.


Die Hard Drinking Game Rules:

Drink every time

  • John McClane kills someone
  • Someone shoots at John
  • Someone swears
  • There’s an explosion
  • Someone speaks German
  • You notice the Nakatomi Logo
  • John talks to himself
    • Drink twice if it’s a one-liner
  • You hear a Christmas song
  • Glass is broken
  • Someone communicates via walkie-talkie.

Finish your drink when

  • Someone says “Yippee-Kai-Yay motherfucker!”


The Die Hard Drinking Game gets off to a pretty slow start before the more action packed parts of the movie start. This should give players enough time to prepare for all the swearing, shooting and explosions that are soon to come. It’s up to players if they want to consider insults like “dick-head” should be considered a swear. This game pairs well with a few friends and family around the holiday season. Especially if you’re getting sick of all the mushy Christmas movies that usually get played around that time of year.