Deadpool Drinking Game

Deadpool Drinking Game -

The movie Deadpool follows Wade Wilson as he goes for experimental treatment for cancer. As it turns out the treatment is actually involves injections and torture in an attempt to bring out his mutant genes. Now horribly disfigured, but alive and otherwise well, Wade Wilson takes on the mantle of Deadpool seeking revenge for the twisted experimentation.

Known as the merc with the mouth, Deadpool has always been a character that will constantly break the fourth wall, often with his crass and sarcastic style of humor. Breaking multiple box office records during it’s run in theaters Deadpool is the near perfect type of movie to have a few drinks along with.


The movie Deadpool and drinks.


Players will drink as Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and jokes around in the movie. They will also drink for action sequences and Some characters being basically indestructible.

The Deadpool Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Deadpool breaks the fourth wall.
  • Something that would normally kill someone does not.
  • Any character insults another character.
  • Someone dies.
  • Someone says “Deadpool” or you see the words dead pool written.
  • The movie goes into slow motion.

Additional rule:

You must chug your drink as long as you can see any part of Wade Wilson’s deformed body.



Most of the drinking in Deadpool revolves around it’s central characters, be it the dialogue or the near immortal status of our main hero. Action sequences are where the rest of the drinks will come from but don’t be caught off guard, many of this movies jokes are made within the action.

Players will also have to chug their drinks as long as you can clearly see any deformed part of Wade Wilson. This comes up primarily in a couple of scenes where they joke about his horribly disfigured face, or he messes around with a tiny regenerating hand of his. With these rules in mind it’s certain to be a lough out loud type of ride so try not to spit out your drinks as you laugh with hysteria in the Deadpool Drinking Game.