Cup Stacking Drinking Game

The idea of this game is to emulate the popular Speed Stacking except with much more drinking involved. Bascially players will start with 15 solo cups with a bit of booze in each of them, then they must drink them each one by one and place the drank cups upside down on the table in a pyramid. This game works with any number of players as long as there’s at least 15 cups per player. It might also work better to do a 1on1 elimination style bracket.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need 15 cups for each player and some drinks.

Setting It Up

Each contestant places their 15 cups in a row on a table in front of them. Then try to fill each cup with booze about half way.

Cup Stacking Drinking Game Rules

The goal of the game is to drink what’s in your cups, stack them in a tower, then unstack them into piles. Whoever does this first is the winner.

Once everyone is ready someone must count down from 3. Then everyone starts at the same time.

Now players race to finish what’s in their cups and stack them into a vertical pyramid with the cups wide-end-down. You can either drink each cup and stack them as you go or try to finish them all first before you start stacking.

When they’re being stacked they should be in a vertical pyramid with a row of 5 on the bottom and a single cup on top. Once stacked you now need to unstack the cups into even rows. First to do this wins the game.


The cup stacking drinking game has quite a bit of drinking involved so if you plan on playing multiple rounds you might want to just use a shot or two in each cup instead of half cups.