A Hilarious Criminal Minds Drinking Game

Given that most of the episodes of this show play out pretty much the same. It’s was easy to make a Criminal Minds drinking game. So grab a few beers and play along to this ragtag group of criminal investigators and behavioral specialists.

Criminal Minds is a show about the FBI and the twisted serial criminals that they have to profile and catch. The behavioral analysis unit is responsible for getting into the heads of some of the most messed up criminals on the planet in order to figure out where they’ll be next.

What You’ll Need to Play the Game

Just turn on your favorite episode (or multiple if you can handle it) and follow along with these simple drinking rules. Depending on the episode some of these rules might come up a lot so make sure to have a lot of drinks handy.

Criminal Minds Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip Every time One of These Phrases is Said

  • “Wheels Up”
  • “You’re on Speaker”
  • “… could be a sign of remorse”
  • “Overkill”
  • “Time to give our profile”
  • “UnSub” ** This one might come up many times
  • “Gets off on it”
  • “baby girl”

Take Two Sips Whenever Any of This Happens

  • Morgan tackles someone
  • Seaver has a weepy look on her face
  • Derek and Garcia flirt
  • Someone gets kidnapped
  • The team jumps on their private jet
  • Reid mentions a statistic

Take A Shot if the Criminal Dies

This Criminal Minds drinking game is sure to get you tipsy in no-time so make sure to drink a lot of water. If you feel there’s too many rules to keep up with (or you just want to go at a slower pace), remove a few and just keep your favorites. As with any drinking game always make sure to drink responsibly.